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Magical creatures



In a small field there lived a Little girl called Hannah.

She had an older brother called Mason; they had wonderful parents that owned a farm.

Mason didn't like the farm and never would have.

So finally he convinced his dad (Jack)to sell it. Hannah liked the farm she was really into nature.

She thought once dad could sell it Mason would cheer up and help her with her school project.

But instead, he was acting strange every night. "What's he up to now?" asked Hannah.

She heard him every night tiptoeing downstairs talking to someone.

"He must have regretted trying to convince dad all these years," said Hannah.

She had enough of him doing it every night and morning!

So she followed him because she thought he might stop it. I saw something next to him but the next second it disappeared

He crept outside behind a tree.

"Where did he go?" shouted Hannah.

She slowly went behind a tree. The next second was it just her or there were a fairy, a leprechaun and a genie.

"What are you doing here!" exclaimed Mason.

"I followed you here, " said Hannah.

"Will we get caught?" Asked Hannah.

"Of course not," replied Mason

Mason had told her that he comes here every day to wish for something I've been thinking about but I can't find out what I want.

“Who said the wish had to be for you?" asked Hannah.

Mason thought.

“You're right!"

Mason said that the fairy, the genie and the leprechaun only grant a wish each.

So he gave Hannah the fairy's wish and took the leprechaun's wish.

"However, who will take the genie's wish?" thought Mason.

“We both can!"

Hannah could have gotten a puppy but she never.

She knew that she should have wished for a happy family and Mason To help her with her school project.

Mason didn't wish for anything and he must not have.

“Go on, make a wish!" shouted Hannah

"I want to save it for mum," cried Mason.

Hannah was confused because she knew her mum died when she got sick and we just pretend she's here.

"You'll see," said Mason.

On the third wish, they wished-for their mum to be back.

They both knew that's what they wanted and they never want to regret it.

And that was all they wanted.

"Shall we check at home?" Asked Mason.

"She may be there," said Hannah.


By: Alya

I really love toys  are for kids and babies.

If your baby cries give them a toy so they could be quite and u could have a rest. Kids well like to buy every single toy in  the toy shop and your baby well want all of the baby toys. Well your kids when they cry give them one each a toy if u give them one they would fight and hurt there self. Toys can help u with maths because if u have four add eight you take  eight different toys and eight different toys and it leaves you with 12 toys all together.

That is why toys are great for maths and anything we'll be alright.  and your kids well not ever cry only if your other kids tit from you will differently cry.   


 Habeba AL-MAYAH Y4

My toys we're fighting and the toy parrot said "Im better Im better" he copied. The toys owner took them in his bag and went to school for the first time because he was young and they went outside to play and when they went outside the toys got out of the bag and painted and they broke some stuff but they thought it was fine and then one of the toys accidently dropped a cup on one of the other toys and the toy was stuck because he wasn't that strong.


They all tried to help him but they couldn't and that toy was the boys favourite toy and the boy couldn't find it! The little boy was so sad they went home and the next day he went to school and looked for the toy but still couldn't find him because the school put it inside the bin and the boy still tried to find it but he didn't but one of the toys decided to get out of the bag and go find the he found him but he couldn't reach the bin. He tried several times! but he couldn't he was about to give up and then he found a way to get him out.


Laith KUZAM Y4


There was once a girl called Charlotte who lived with her brother, Mason, and her parents. There was also a 'Enchanted Forest' and there was a rumor that if you go into the forest, you will go missing. The rumor was when two people went in and never came back out. She had two friends called Ashley and Joshua.

One day, Charlotte was eating her dinner when she got a phone call. It was her friends. She said, 'May I please be excused? I have a phone call that I have to answer. Can I go?' Alright but the food might be finished by then and there are leftovers in the fridge if you're hungry.' Her mother exclaimed. Charlotte went. She found something that she had never seen before and put it in her pocket.

'Hello?' Charlotte asked. 'Hi Charlotte!' Ashley said. 'Do you want to go to the Enchanted Forest with us?' Yeah! It will be fun.' Mason cried. But haven't you heard the rumors?! People go in there and never come back! I don't want to get lost!' Charlotte exclaimed. 'Please!' Both of her friends said persuadingly. 'Fine.' Charlotte said 'I'll get ready and meet you at Ashley's house since its the closest an 7! Bye!'

She told her parents that she was going to her house. They said 'Okay, but you must come before Midnight!' She arrived at Ashleys house after she got ready and knocked on the door. They answered and went to the forest. 'This is creepy.. Shall we go back?' Charlotte said when they entered the forest. 'It will be alright!' Mason exclaimed. Suddenly something weird happened.

The tree's started glowing, they heard weird noises and BANG. An evil witch appeared. 'Ahh! What is that?!' they all said at the same time. 'I'm Glinda. You shall come with me.' They followed the witch to a secret destination. She did some magic and left the room all of the teenagers felt something off but didn't think much about it. 'Should we call someone?' said Mason. 'Yes!' the girls exclaimed. 'I don't have my phone on me! I know I brought it here!' Mason cried. Could you guys try?' they both tried but didn't have it on them.

'I'll open the door' said Charlotte. It was locked and they were trapped. Then, she remembered the thing in her pocket. She thought 'its a bit dusty' and wiped it three times. Suddenly, a genie came out of it. ' I shall grant you three wishes and one for all of you. Would you like that?' 'Yes!' they all said at the same time.

'I wish to get out of here!' said Mason. 'Your wish is my command.' and they got out of the forest. 'I wish to win the lottery!' said Ashley. 'Your wish has been granted. Now you, Charlotte?' I wish for this forest to be gone!' and the forest was never seen again.