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Hello Receptionheart.
We hope you are safe and well.
Today is Thursday 4th June 2020.
Here are today's busy work activities, enjoylaugh.

Phonics Time
If your child is confident recognising all of the set 1 sounds, and can read words such as ship, king, bat, and clap, without any support, then click on the set 2 sounds icon.

If you want to practice more phonics, you can now play 'Pick a Picture' laugh.

Chat on the Mat Time
Our new topic, for Chat on the Mat Time, is called 'On the Farm'. Today, we are going to learn about the animals that live on a farmlaugh. Let's start today's activity by telling a grown up the names of the farm animals you can see below.  mail  Parents: If your child needs support with this, say the animal name and ask them to repeat after you. 

Super! Now, click on the link below, to find out some more information about these animals, such as where they live and what they like to eatcheeky

Super learning! Now, let's play a game called 'What am I?'. We will give you some clues, and you have to guess what animal it is, good luckyes.


1. I live in a field. I like to eat grass. I am milked in the barn. What animal am I?

2. I live in a sty. I like to roll around in mud. What animal am I?

3. I live in a stable. I like to eat hay. I am very fast. What animal am I?

4. I live near water. I waddle when I walk. Humans like to feed me bread in parks. What animal am I?

5. I live outside. My coat is fluffy and warm. What animal am I?

Scroll down to the bottom for the answerswink.

Maths Time
Let's start today's Maths activity by counting in 2's all the way to 20laugh.
mail Parents: if your child needs support, say the number and ask them to repeat after you.


  2      6    8    10    12    14    16    18    20

Well Doneyes. Today, we are going to practice our subtracting skills again, so you will need your take away brains switched on. Like yesterday, we are going to use a number line to help us find the answer, but today, we are going to use a number line up to 20surprise, so we hope you are ready for a big challenge! 
We have done the first one for youyes  17-6= 
Remember, we find the first number from the sum (17), and put a circle around it, like this:

Next, we look at the second number in the sum (6), and then, we jump backwards this amount of spaces along the number line, like this:

The number it lands on, is the answer to the sumlaugh so, 17-6=11

Now, its your turnyes.





Super Subtracting Receptionblush.

Story Time
Today's story book is called 'Grandad's Farm'. Join Jaz as she learns how to help with important jobs on her grandad's farm. Click on the link below to read this fantastic storylaugh.

Spectacular Work Receptionwink.
Stay safe and take care!
Miss Dodgson & Mr Kirkbride.


Answers: 1. cow   2. pig   3. horse   4. duck   5. sheep