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This week, we will be asking children to listen carefully to sounds they can hear at the beginning of words.

It is important to note that we are focussing on listening to sounds and NOT letter shapes.


As we name the Christmas objects, we will be emphasising the first sound of the object name when we play 'I spy'.

For example, show children a small collection of toys, pictures or simple drawings and say

"I spy the toy beginning with ssssss". Pause and then say, "ssssss star".

Try again with other toys, eg. t t t t t t t  tree, rrrrrrrr reindeer, llllllllll lights.

With practice, children will soon be able to join in with you and maybe take the lead, giving you the sound at the start of words for you to guess.

We will be looking at sorting sounds: look at the pictures below

  • put all the things that start with sssssssss with Santa 
  • put all the things that start with rrrrrrrrrrr with the Rudolph the reindeer: