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Funky Friday

Good Morning!  Today is   Funky Friday!

Let's start with a clapping song!


Clap Your Hands | Action Songs for Children |

Play ‘Follow the leader’ at home with your family. One person chooses some body percussion, such as tapping knees, patting head, clapping hands, clicking fingers or touching nose. The rest of the family have to copy them. Take turns to be the leader!

After you have done this a few times, vary the speed body percussion – fast or slow movements and sounds - so you may clap slowly, then the next person will choose fast knee taps and so on.

This game is important for your child to be able to listen to sounds and notice how they are different. It is also good practice for your child to learn to co-operate and take turns with others.


Now let's move our whole bodies!

That was good to move our bodies!

Now, let's have some slower music to calm ourselves. We can imagine going up in to the sky in a balloon.



Here is another balloon song - this time you can sing along!

Can you hear the words which are similar at the end? They rhyme! Words like; fly, sky


Up, Up, Up! | Barefoot Books Singalong

PhonicsLet's play the game, 'Fred's Food'.

Tell your child that Fred is hungry today and he needs their help to find some food.

Fred(you) say: "Fred wants to eat some b-r-e-d". Children copy the sounds (b-r-e-d) and say the word (bread). 

Repeat with: s-oo-p, j-a-m, p-ee-z, c-a-y-k, ch-ee-z, 


This is called 'Fred Talk / Say the word'.

Give your child a little time to think but if they are unsure, repeat and give support to blend to help build confidence.

Mini Maths

Let's count these vehicles!

Counting Transportation Song for Kids

Easier; Match these vehicles.


Talk about the vehicles being the same or different. What colour are the vehicles? Can you count them with your child they can touch each vehicle as they count. If they are unsure of the numbers, they can repeat them after you.


Challenge; Count these vehicles.


Can your child count the vehicles and point to the correct number? You can help them to do this. Which is the biggest group? Which is the smallest number?

Can your child write the numbers in their busy book?


Now it's time for a story!


Buzzy's Balloon by Harriet Ziefert | Read Aloud Storybook for Children

Mrs Colby and Mrs Davies are missing all the children!


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Keep safe and well!