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Keep Moving


Don't forget to stay active even if you're at home. Click the images below to join in. 





Complete the At Home with Spelling lesson. You can write these sentences in your busy book or practise reading them and filling in the missing word as you go. 

Continue to read books set on Bug Club. Remember to complete the challenge, you have to click on the bug on each page and answer questions about what you have just read. 


Click the image below, to go to the site. 




Don't forget to read the Read Write Inc eBooks available online. 

Click on the image below to go. 


Remember to watch the daily Read Write Inc lessons online. Here you can also listen to story time, live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday or available online to watch when you can. Click on the image below to start watching. 








Today we are looking at doubling numbers to 10. Remember when we double a number, we add the same number to its self

e.g. Double 1 = 2    1+1 = 2 

     Double 2 = 4    2+2=4   



See if you can double the numbers on the ladybirds below. 




Look at the activity below from White Rose Maths. Watch the lesson online by clicking on the image. Can you work out the answers? 














Today in PSHE we are thinking about what makes you a nice person? What do you do that makes you a nice person? Do you help your friends? Use your manners? Help at home? Share your toys / sweets? 


Can you draw a picture of you doing something that makes you a nice person and write about your qualities? 



Visit the Red Cross Page by clicking the image below. Here you will learn about kindness and how to create your own kindness calendar.