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 Welcome to Nursery


Your teachers are Mrs Colby (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and 

Miss Quayle (Thursday, Friday).

Mrs Ryan is the Senior Teaching Assistant (Monday-Friday).

 Mrs Pritchard is a Teaching Assistant (Monday-Friday).

Mrs Blakey supports at lunchtime to cover staff lunch breaks.



If you have any queries or comments about your child's learning at home you can contact your teachers

 using the following email addresses: to contact Mrs Colby. to contact Miss Quayle.



In Nursery, children have topic based teaching/learning sessions every day, as well as literacy, maths and pre-phonics teaching.

This teaching is delivered through adult-led activities, both as a whole class and small groups.

Children also have the opportunity to pursue their own interests and develop their knowledge and skills in child-initiated activities, where they explore resources and equipment carefully selected to support their learning.

There are seven areas of learning in the Foundation Stage. They include:

Communication and Language (CL), Physical Development (PD),

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), Literacy (L), Maths (M),

Understanding the World (UW) and Exploring Art and Design (EAD).


Click on the coloured wallets below to see photographs of some of the activities children enjoy in Nursery.

I hope you will enjoy talking about the photographs with your child.smiley



smileyPlease click on the pencil symbol below where you will find new games and activities each week.

I hope the activities will help to entertain the children and continue to develop their skills and understanding whilst at home.