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Taste-it Tuesday

Good morning.smiley

Let start today by singing a few songs.

All the songs are repeated which will help children to join in.

Please note- as this is a longer clip, unfortunately there are a number of Ad's that you might want to SKIP.

Vehicle and Transport Songs Collection

Today is 'Taste-it Tuesday'. 

My idea for today is for children to make a picnic. This can be the cold food your child would normally have for their lunch (a sandwich, wrap, samosa etc), fruit and a drink.

They could then put it in a box/ container to eat like a picnic. This could be outside in your yard/garden or at the park.

If not outside, you can have a picnic inside, sitting on a blanket on the floor. 


Have a happy picnic!




We are going to focus on blending sounds to say the word, this week.

Today, we are going to use kitchen words and food in your picnic.

Tell your child that you are going to break up/ segment a word for them to spell/ blend the sounds together quickly to say the word, eg.

c----u----p,          c---u---p,        c--u--p,        c--u--p,       c-u-p,        cup


f----or----k,        f---or---k,      f---or---k,        f--or--k,      f-or-k,        fork


ch---ee---z,         ch---ee---z,      ch--ee--z,      ch-ee-z,       cheese


(Note- I have spelt cheese as you would say it 'cheez').

Challenge- If your child can blend letter sounds easily to tell you the word, you could ask them to break/ segment/ chop a word up so that you can blend it together.

Be careful to choose words that can be easily broken into 2 or 3 sounds as longer words are too complicated at this stage. Good words to use are:    b-r-e-d, (bread),         p-l-ay-t  (plate),

g-r-ay-p    (grape),       a-p-l     (apple),            j-oo-s (juice).


Mini Maths

If you go to the park for your picnic, you could count the cars along the way. You could also have a look at the numbers on car number plates.

If you stay inside for your picnic, have a look at the photos below looking at numbers on cars and buses.


The story today is a bedtime story from CBeebies.

Spaghetti with the Yeti