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Wiggle Wednesday

smileyGood morning everyone and welcome to the activities for Wednesday. 

Let's start today with a song:

Vehicles Transportation Song For Kids

Mini Maths


Look at the photos below and talk/ compare the size of the cars, bikes, and buses.

Which is one is big/ bigger/ biggest? Which one is small/ smaller/ smallest? 



Whilst you are busy at home today, look at opportunities in your home to compare sizes and do some simple measuring.

For example, you might

  • compare size of adult socks and child socks,
  • compare size of plates/ cups in the kitchen
  • compare heights of children at home
  • compare sizes of toys




Fraser Reads "The Smartest Giant In Town" by Julia Donaldson


We are going to focus on blending sounds to say the word, this week.

Today, we are going to use kitchen words and food in your picnic.

Tell your child that you are going to break up/ segment a word for them to spell/ blend the sounds together quickly to say the word, eg.

f---o---x,          f---o---x,        f--o--x,        f--o--x,       f-o-x,        fox


g---oa---t,        g---oa---t,      g---oa---t,        g--oa--t,      g-oa-t,        goat


m---ou---s,         m---ou---s,      m--ou--s,      m-ou-s,       mouse


(Note- I have spelt mouse without the 'e' as you would say it).

Challenge- If your child can blend letter sounds easily to say the word, you could ask them to break/ segment/ chop a word so that you can blend it together.

Be careful to choose words that can be easily broken into 2 or 3 sounds as longer words are too complicated at this stage. Good words to use are:      cat:  c--a--t,         leg:  l--e--g,        pot:  p--o--t.

Today is 'Wiggle Wednesday' so let's end the session today with one of our favourite 'wiggles'. 


Do you remember when we danced and laughed together in Nursery?

I miss you lots and hope you are having fun at home.heart

I Like To Move It (Original Video) Madagascar HD