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Keep Moving


Keep active at home. Click the image below to join in. 






Practise the sounds and the read the words.

Can you hide the words and see if you can spell them without looking? 

Now can you put some of the words into a sentence? E.g. The snow is cold. 




Now click the image below for daily speed sounds and hold a sentence lessons. 






Today we are continuing multiplication. We are going to look at multiplying by 5. 


Look at the arrays below.   Can you write the multiplication and your answer in your busy book?


Remember   1x5 is 1 set of 5      2x5 is 2 sets of 5  etc. 





Now visit White Rose Maths. 







PSHE - Changing Me


Today we are continuing to look at Life Cycles. 


  Think about how you have changed since you were a baby.

Can you find photographs of you at each different stage (baby, toddler, child) and put them in the correct order?

Can you use pictures to show the life cycle of your parents (baby, toddler, child, teenager and adult) can you put them in order?