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Good Morning Everybody! blush
Today is Thursday 26th March 2020.
What is the weather like today? 
Here are today's busy work activities, good luckyes
Phonics Time

Can you say these sounds?

m   a   s   d   t   i   n   p   g   o  c   k  
u   b  f  e   l   h   sh   r   j   v   y   
w   th   z   ch   qu   x   ng   nk


Now, in your busy work books, practice writing the following letters:
Remember to use the rhymes to help you.
w - down, up, down, up.
a - around the apple, down the leaf.
l - down the long leg. 


mail Parents: Ask your child to write the following words in their busy work books.
Boys and girls, remember to use your 'Fred Fingers' to help you.


Words to write: bat, jog, van, pen, mad.
As a challenge, your child could write a simple sentence: a hot pan.


Now, lets play Pick a Pictureblush
Remember, you Fred Talk, read the word and then click on the correct picture.

Chat on the Mat Time
Today we are learning about Spring time. Spring is one of the four seasons. It is time for new life and growth. Use the PowerPoint and video below to find out what kinds of weather we experience and what flowers and animals you might see during this season.


Still image for this video
In your busy book, can you draw a Spring picture?
Don't forget to include flowers and animals.

Maths Time
Can you count the pennies in the piggy banks?
Write the answers in your busy work book.
Don't forget to write 'p' at the end.

Challenge Timelaugh
You will need to add together the two different amounts. 
Can you write the addition sum?
Now, let's play a gameblush
You have to pay the shopkeeper the correct amount of pennies. 

Story Time

Today, we learnt about Spring time. Read the story 'Seren's Seasons' and learn more about the weather and the four seasons. Seren is wishing for snow, she wants to make a snowgirl!

Enjoy your day!
Miss Dodgson & Mr Kirkbrideblush