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Keep Moving


Click the images below to keep active! 





Click the image below to go to Phonics Play and practice reading.




ICT Games have lots of phonics activities for you to do. Click the image below to go: 




Login to Bug Club by clicking on the image below. Click the bug on each page and answer the questions to complete the quiz. 







Today we will be looking at Tens and Ones. We can partition numbers into Tens and Ones.

 E.g. 23 has  2 tens and 3 ones.


Tens Ones
2 3



18 has Ten and ones. 


Tens Ones



Can you work out how many Tens and ones are in these numbers? 










Click the image below to watch videos about partitioning numbers and see if you can answer the quiz questions. 







Today we will be discussing what makes a good friend? 

Talk to someone in your house about what makes a good friend, how can you be a good friend? 

What do your friends do that makes you happy? 


Can you draw a picture of your friends and write about why they are a good friend? 

  • Things to think about ... 
  • Do they help you and how? 
  • Do they say kind things to you? 
  • Do they ask you to play games or join in?