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Thrilling Thursday

Today is Thrilling Thursday!

Today our thrill is going to be using our fingers and hands. Let’s first sing the song we sing in nursery, Tommy Thumb!



There are 2 more pictures for you to learn today.

By learning to quickly name the pictures on the cards children will develop skills to hear the initial sounds in words and start to recall the pictures to remember sounds of letters later.

                     caterpillar                                  boot 

Now for our thrill! 

Make Your Own Salt Tray

Turn writing practice into a sensory experience with these easy-to-create salt trays! With multiple colour and scent options available, this fun activity offers the benefit of engaging all the senses while your child practices a critical skill. Ready to get writing?


• 1 set of letter cards from our phonics this week

• Table salt

• Option for colour and scent additives (Chocolate Salt Tray 1 cup salt ½ cup of cocoa powder (no extra colour/fragrance needed or instead of chocolate powder, use a drop of essential oil to give a perfumed smell )

• Shallow container such as a baking pan or box lid


Pour the salt mixture into a baking pan or other shallow container. Using a coloured container makes the shape of the letter stand out better as it is drawn in the salt. If a coloured container is not available, cover the bottom of the container with coloured paper.


Allow your child to play with the salt enjoying the feel of the grains running through their fingers and making straight and swirly shapes as they like.


Ideas for using your salt tray if your child can.

• Write in the salt tray with the pointer finger of the dominant hand.

• Gently shake the salt tray to “erase” letters.

• Try placing a lowercase letter card next to the salt tray as a visual reference. Your child can write the letter in the salt.


When your child has finished the activities, be sure to get them to help you to tidy up!

Now enjoy looking at the work of a sand artist on the beach!

Sand artist creates incredible patterns on beach

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Mini Maths

Count the shells and point to the correct number in the set.

Here is today’s story – it is another adventure about Kipper. This time he goes to the beach with all his friends.

Kipper and his friends go to the beach

Kipper the Dog season 3 episode 2 The Rescue

Kipper Tiger Pig and Arnold spend the day at the beach

We hope you have enjoyed Thrilling Thursday!


Enjoy the rest of your day!