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Taste-it Tuesday

Good morning everyone.smiley 

Today is Taste-it Tuesday. Make a t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t sound with your t-ongue.

Say the following words, listening for the t:

  • tiger 
  • tomato
  • tap
  • toe 


Language and Literacy

Yesterday we read the story about Jasper and his beanstalk. 

Jasper was reading a book about a little boy called Jack, who also grew a beanstalk. Listen carefully to the story as I will be asking questions at the end.

Jack and the Beanstalk


Here are your questions:

  • What is the name of the little boy in the story?
  • What did Jack take to sell at the market?
  • Did he go to the market? Why not?
  • How many beans did the peddler give to Jack?
  • What did Jack's mum do with the beans?
  • What did Jack see at the top of the beanstalk? A tent or a palace?
  • What did Jack take from the palace?
  • What happened at the end of the story?
  • Did you like the story?  yes  or  no 


Mini Maths


Collect a spoon from the kitchen and stand it up on the table to make it tall. It's time to do some measuring. Look around your house to find:

  • 2 things that are longer than your spoon
  • 2 things that are shorter than your spoon


Today is 'Taste-it Tuesday', when children would usually make their own snack before sharing and eating it together in Nursery.

As we have been reading about beanstalks today and talking about plants growing, it would be fitting if children could help you to prepare some vegetables or salad for your lunch or evening meal. Maybe they could:

  • scrub/ scrape some potatoes
  • pour peas into a pan
  • chop mushrooms
  • wash salad leaves


By giving children the opportunity to 'help' you in the kitchen, even if it is simply letting them carefully stir food in a bowl or add a pinch of salt or herbs/ spices to something, this will help your child's physical skills, listening skills as they follow instructions, as well as boosting their confidence. 

Also, cooking together provides a great opportunity for maths language: comparing more/ less, counting vegetables, bigger/ smaller etc. 


Let's end today with a few favourite songs.

Ask your child to choose their favourite and sing together. Choose from the list below:

  • Twinkle, twinkle little star
  • Incy, Wincy Spider
  • Miss Polly had a dolly
  • I'm a little teapot
  • If you're happy and you know it
  • Mary, Mary quite contrary


Look at the 'Songs' button on the main Nursery page if you need help to remember the tune.