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Make-it Monday

Good morning everyone.smiley

I hope you had a good weekend and are ready for some fun activities this week.


Today is 'Make-it Monday' and we are making a picture.

Drawing simple shapes and pictures is an excellent way to introduce children to writing letter shapes and numbers.

Remember to tell your child that it's not important if their drawing doesn't look exactly the same- as long as they try their best.

Praise children's effort and perseverance rather than the finished result.


How to draw a car EASY step by step for beginners 8



We are going to focus on blending sounds to say the word, this week.

Look at the pictures below and name them with your child.

Next tell your child that you are going to break up/ segment a word for them to spell/ blend the sounds together quickly to say the word, eg.

b----u----s,        b---u---s,      b---u---s,       b--u--s,     b-u-s,          bus


t--r--ai--n,        t--r--ai--n,      t--r--ai--n,        t--r--ai--n,      t-r-ai-n,        train


b---oa---t,         b---oa---t,      b--oa--t,      b--oa--t,       b-oa-t,     boat






Mini Maths

Look at the worksheets below. 

Ask your child to complete the worksheet on the left first.

If this was easy for your child, then they can complete the worksheet on the right.




Peace at Last by Jill Murphy

Have a good day.heart