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Funky Friday

Today is Funky Friday!

Let us sing the song of the week!

Mary, Mary, quite contrary

We are going to make instruments to shake to the beat with music!

If you have some seeds left over (or you could use rice or pasta), put some in to an empty, clean plastic bottle. Then twist the top so it is closed tight. You then have an instrument to use!

Let’s shake our instruments to this song!

Shaker songs for Preschoolers: Play on your Instruments

Now put your instuments down and it’s time for you to move!

A Beautiful Day | Start of the Day Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

There is beauty all around us everyday and this song is about taking the time to look around each day and recognize the beautiful things in our world that he...

Mini Maths

Using the shakers again, - say a number for your child to shake the shakers the correct number of times.

tap 1, then 2, then 3 and so on. Make sure each number is said as the shakers are moved.

Then ask your child to tap the numbers in a different order, 5, 2 and so on.

Challenge; Ask your child to shake the written number shown but not said.

                     Use bigger numbers

Language and Literacy

Listen to the story about the Little Red Hen again; .

The Little Red Hen

Who can you see in the story? Who is in your house? Who do you see at school?

Think about who is in the story and you can draw a picture of them.

Challenge; Try to label the animals in your picture.


Enjoy the rest of your day and remember you can send an email to let us know how you are at : to contact Mrs Colby. to contact Mrs Davies


 We would love to hear from you. Take care and have a good weekend!