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Fun-day Focus

Make-it Monday

We will be talking about Autumn this week so we will be making an autumn picture today.

Children will have a short walk around the playground talking about the colours of the leaves on the trees and how the leaves are falling down. We will collect some leaves and put them with others leaves collected from the park.

Children will use glue spreaders and PVA glue to cover their tree template and then stick real leaves to it.

This will develop physical skills and increase finger strength and dexterity.

We will talk about the different shapes, sizes and colours of the leaves as they glue.

Taste-it Tuesday

As the weather is getting colder, now that it is autumn (linking to this weeks topic), children will be making a warm snack today. They will make their own bowl of pasta.

Initially we will look at and talk about the hard uncooked pasta and how it is cooked in boiling water in a pan on the hob.

Later, when the pasta is cooked, children will be given a small amount of pasta.

They will then be able to choose to add butter, tomato ketchup or cheese to their pasta and stir/ mix before eating.


This is great for children to increase confidence and independence in feeding themselves, as well as improve finger strength and control- ready for pencil activities and writing later.


Wiggle Wednesday

Moving to music is lots of fun and great for developing physical skills and strength.

It also helps boost confidence as well as helping us to feel good, so lets all dance and move together.


I've Got the Rhythm | Dance Along | Pinkfong Songs for Children


I Can Move My Body Like Anything | Movement Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann


Thrilling Thursday

Today our THRILL will be to find and play with leaves. If it is wet, we can play with scarves just like this!

Preschool Fall Song and Movement Activity | The Leaves Are Falling Down | Miss Nina Children's Song

Also if the weather is too wet to go outside, you could cut out some leaf shapes and let your child paint the leaves to make a leaf crown!
Funky Friday
Today we are going to have a funky Friday time with Rhythm Sticks!

Musical Instruments Sounds RHYTHM STICKS Preschool Kindergarten

Musical Instruments Sounds RHYTHM STICKS