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Wiggle Wednesday

Good morning everyone wink


There are 2 more pictures for you to learn today.

By learning to quickly name the pictures on the cards children will develop skills to hear the initial sounds in words and start to recall the pictures to remember sounds of letters later.

                      umbrella                                  girl

Let's play 'I spy...' at the beach.

Adult says, "I spy with my little eye something..........".and then gives a clue, eg,

  • something that is red/ blue/ yellow
  • something big/small
  • something beginning with ssss or bbbb

Mini Maths

CBeebies: Numtums - Number 3 Song

Get ready for some fun with Number Three! Sing, dance and count along with 'The Numtums'! Visit to find even more fun games and...

Practice writing the numbers    1      2      3    in your 'Busy Book'.
Now it's time to wiggle because today is 'Wiggle Wednesday'.

Boom Chicka Boom 😎 Summer Dance Song for Kids 😎

Under The Sea


Choose a day from a different week for a story you have read before.