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Make-it Monday


Good Morning everyone laugh

I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.


Let's sing our 'Days of the Week' song:

Days Of The Week (Addams Family)


"Today is mmmmmmmm Monday and on Monday, we make-it. It's 'Make-it Monday'"


Language and Literacy/ Phonics

Try being a phonics detective today and have a look around your house to find as many things beginning with the sound mmm as you can.

Can you find 3 things? or 6 things? or maybe 10 things???


Did you find milk? mug? a man?  do you have a toy mouse or monster? mayonnaise? mobile phone?

I could only find the 4 items in the photo and a man, Mr Colby, but he wouldn't let me take his picture!!

How many is 4 and 1 more? That's right, it makes 5.

Did you find more than 5? or less than 5?


"I hope you didn't mmmm-make a mmmm-mess".



Here is a story about Spring and Growing:

Jasper's Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen

Jasper has found a bean. What will he do with it?


I hope you enjoyed the story about Jasper. We are going to do some fun activities today that are linked to the story.


Mini Maths


Can you say the days of the week in order with your mum/ dad? Start with Monday...

Next, if your mum/ dad begin to say the days of the week in order and pause, can you tell them what day comes next? 

Eg. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday........

then, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday........




Let's make a beanstalk like Jasper's. There are a number of ways you could do this:

Idea 1:

  • turn a cereal box inside out so you can colour or paint on the plain card.
  • Cut into strips and stick together with selotape to make shorter and longer beanstalks.

Idea 2: 

  • use a finished toilet roll or kitchen roll.
  • colour with green felt tip pens, crayons or paint. 
  • stick on green paper or paper tissue coloured green to make some leaves.

Idea 3:

  • draw a tall beanstalk on a long piece of paper
  • draw leaves to add detail 
  • next, fold the paper into 4 (shown in the picture below) to make a shorter beanstalk
  • take care to make sure both parts of the beanstalk join together and match. (You may need to add some extra leaves for this).
  • You could try folding again and again (a concertina effect) so that your beanstalk could grow every day like Jasper's beanstalk in the story.
Enjoy the rest of your daywink