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Taste-it Tuesday


Hello everyone. Let's start the day with a song and sing along with the clip below:

If you're happy and you know it

Today is Taste-it Tuesday. We usually have a practical task where children improve their physical skills when they prepare their own snack. Previously tasks include spreading butter or jam onto bread and mixing ingredients with a spoon or whisk to make pancakes and milkshake.


It would be great if Taste-it Tuesday could continue whilst children are at home. Children could help to make their own lunch or breakfast today. Tip:

  • Put the correct amount of cereal (then later, milk) into a plastic cup for children to pour into a bowl.
  • When spreading jam or butter, put the correct amount in small blobs onto the bread ready for children to spread out.


Language and Literacy

When children have finished making and eating their lunch, put a collection of kitchen items together to play a memory game.

Show and name the items with the children e.g. bowl, knife, fork, spoon, plate, jug, pan.


Say a short sentences about a few of the items eg, 'I put my breakfast in a bowl', or 'The knife will cut my bread'. Ask the children to repeat the sentence after you, saying "my turn, your turn".


Place the items on a towel or plain surface. Then tell the children to close their eyes whilst the adult removes one item. Ask the child to name the missing object.

Don't worry if the child cannot quickly recall the missing item. Show it. Name it and repeat.

You are teaching memory skills and some new words/ vocabulary.


Challenge- increase the number of objects in the game or include less obvious items eg. sieve, grater, colander, spatula

Make a bit easier- use only 3 or 4 objects to begin. Use a hand action to give the children a clue to help them to remember the name of kitchen items, eg, move hand in cutting action for a knife.



Mini Maths


 Count the steps each time you and your child go up the stairs today. Remember to only say one number name each time they put their two feet together on the next stair.



Storytime-  Choose your favourite story from the 'Storytime' button on the previous page.



"Enjoy your day", from Mrs Colby