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Fun-day Focus

Make-it Monday

Children will be making greetings cards to take home for their families today.

You could try drawing a Christmas tree outline for your child to add decorations and lights using coloured pens and pencils.

Taste-it Tuesday

Children prepare and eat their own snack on Taste-it Tuesday.

By doing this, they develop physical control over utensils and improve finger strength. They also develop their independence and gain confidence in their ability.

Young children love to help in the kitchen. There are lots of simple jobs you could ask your child to help with. They could mix/stir, place food on a baking tray, wash potatoes, put pasta in a bowl before you add it to the pan or chop soft ingredients such as banana or mushroom.

Chatting to your child as they help will support their listening and comprehension skills.

Wiggle Wednesday

Moving to music is lots of fun and great for developing physical skills, strength and stamina.

Children will develop listening skills as they respond to the faster and slower music:

Jump! Children's song by Patty Shukla (DVD version)

Thrilling Thursday

Today our thrill is to do a fun activity with ice and water!

You can talk with your child about how chilly it is this time of year and think about cold and very cold things.

Then all you need are some ice cubes, a scoop or large spoon and 2 trays or buckets - one to put the ice pieces in and one with some water in. Your child can have great fun transferring the ice in to the water. It will be hard because the ice is so slippery and you can talk about this. Is the ice hard or soft? Is the water hard or soft? 





Funky Friday

Today we are going to do a performance!

First we will perform 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!'

You can sing this together, with the video. Next, see if your child wants to sing on their own? Do not pressure them if they do not wish to do so - you can just sing together.

Can your child sing for someone else who will be their 'audience'? It could be another family member or a neighbour.

Can they sing it loudly? Can they sing softly?

Sing slowly? Sing quickly?



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Next, choose another song or rhyme you know which you can teach your child. You can sing each line at a time and your child can copy you. This is called 'call and response'. 

You can then learn a Christmas song by copying the lines in the song here!

Jingle Bells | Super Simple Songs