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Week 7

This week you are going be learning about and using the spelling rule for words which end in le.

First, watch the video below with Geraldine the Giraffe on Mr T's YouTube channel then complete the daily activities and tasks. 

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /-le/

This is a great place to practise some of your spelling skills: 


Look at the word. How many parts does it have? Are there any tricky parts? Can you see any spelling patterns that you know?

Say the word. Break it down into syllables. How many parts are there to this word? What sounds can you hear? 

Cover up the word so that you can't see it. Think about the word in your mind. Picture it.


Write the word in your busy book. Remember how the word looks and sounds.


Uncover the word and check if you wrote it correctly. Tick letters you got correct and fix the ones you didn't.


The 'le ending

First, read these words:


table        bottle        apple        bobble

Then, practise writing these words using look, cover, spell, check. 

little       middle       stable       candle       circle       cradle

Now, look, cover, spell, check this sentence:

I put the apple on the table.


The 'le ending  

First, read these words:


cuddle       example       kettle       poodle       puzzle


 Then, practise writing these words using look, cover, spell, check: 

marble       miracle       nibble       juggle       noodle       skittle


Finally, look, cover, spell, check this sentence:

The poodle was purple.

 The 'le ending    
First, read these words:


startle       steeple       twinkle       tangle       wobble       stumble


Then, read the 'Naughty Pixies' text below.
How many -le words can you find in the passage? 



The Naughty Pixies

It was the middle of the night and the empty farmyard was still.  The cattle were sleeping in the barn and the hens were silent.  Suddenly, the handle of the barn door turned and the sound of a giggle followed by a chuckle made the cows stir.  Two little pixies carrying a candle entered the barn.  They began to tickle the cows behind their ears to wake them up. The bravest pixie put a saddle on the biggest cow and rode it around the barn. Meanwhile a dribble of wax slid down the candle and made a puddle on the barn floor.  It was hard and shiny and the moonlight made it dazzle the pixies’ eyes. They left the cows and started to skate on the puddle of wax. The smallest pixie tried to juggle eggs whilst skating, but began to wobble, and fell over with a crash!  In the morning the farmer could not believe the mess in the barn, so he went home, put the kettle on, and made himself a cup of tea.  What a pity that cows can’t talk!!!



The 'le ending 

First, read these words:


castle     dazzle      rifle      stable       cradle       table


Then, write these words in sentences:


terrible      paddle       wriggle      simple      people      pebble


The 'le ending   

First, read these words:


giggle       jumble      gaggle       ankle       poodle      dribble


Now find all the words ending in le in the word search below.


Click the link below, keep practising your -le words. 

enlightenedChallenge - can you spell all of the words right by your third try?