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Hello, my name is Marlene Taylor, and I am the Chair of the Governing Body at Lawrence.


The governors have started this page to give us the chance to keep all our parents and families better updated with the work the governors do on your behalf to help ensure that our school gives your children the best possible education we can.


I am a little late in starting this year but here goes.  This year is bringing a big change in Data Protection so we are all getting ready for the onslaught of training sessions.  We are also due the `dreaded visit` so a lot of work around checking that we have everything in place. 

School life on the whole is going well and there are the usual educational trips away planned for groups of our children.  I wish when I was at school here there where these trips.  Our office manager has already booked next Christmas panto!  In between all this there is always plenty of exciting things being arranged for all our year groups..


My office days have changed, I am in Wednesdays and Fridays (unless I`m on a training course).  We are still on the look out for people who have skills that can be utilised by the GB.  The LA provide excellent training sessions covering everything that we need.  If anyone is interested in becoming a parent governor or co-opted governor in the future pop in and have a chat.


 Bye for now!





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Terms of Office and Constitution   


                                                                             First Appointed                    Term Start                            Term End

Local Authority Governors

Ms Gill Rowlands                                                     16 Dec 2021                           16 Dec 2021                          15 Dec 2025


Co-opted governors           

Ms Jo Fishwell (Vice Chair of Govs)                            21 Jan 2018                          21 Jan 2022                        20 Jan 2026          

Mrs Diane Kerr                                                         21 Jan 2018                          21 Jan 2022                        20 Jan 2026

Miss Natasha Odita                                                  01 Dec 2020                         01 Dec 2020                       30 Nov 2024

Ms Marlene Taylor (Chair of Govs)                          30 Sep 1996                          22 Oct 2020                        22 Oct 2024



Mr Mark Rigby                                                               01 Jan 1990


Parent governors

Miss Sophie Ahmed                                                     22 Jan 2014                           21 Jan 2018                          20 Jan 2022

Dr Mohammad Badrul Bhuiyan                                 16 Dec 2021                          16 Dec 2021                          15 Dec 2025

Miss Rachel Ollier                                                        21 Jan 2018                           21 Jan 2018                           20 Jan 2022          


Staff governors

Vacancy (1)



Jean Smith resigned as Staff Governor on 1st Dec 2020

Alan Fitzgerald resigned as LA Governor on 1st Dec 2020 and became an Associate Member


Associate Members (No voting rights)

Lisa Flanagan               (Deputy Head)

Karen Ford                   (Deputy Head)

Alan Fitzgerald

Marlene Taylor

I attended this school in the sixties and loved it so much I came back when I had my our family.  My girls came here and now my grandchildren are on roll.

I have been a governor since 1985 and have enjoyed my time on the GB.  I like to think that I am giving my time to be of assistance in making school life an enjoyable and good experience for our children.

Sophie Ahmed

I have been a parent governor for the last four years and am pleased to be appointed for the next four.  Education is very important and as a parent I would like to continue seeing every child having an enjoyable school experience. I will continue to support staff to ensure the school carries on achieving it`s very best.

Rachel Ollier

I have chosen Lawrence Primary for my children`s education since 2004.  I feel very passionate about involving myself into the workings of the school.  I am interested in the provision for pupils with SEN and their transfer to Secondary school.  I believe my own personal knowledge could be a welcomed imput.  I have been given the opportunity to share my gardening knowledge with some of KS1 pupils at the school allotment and hopefully will continue to do so.  I am passionate in my desire to help achieve the best schooling experience for all our children.