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Click the BBC icon below, watch the ocean video and then complete
activity three in your busy book. 

After that, complete the conjunctions enlightenedchallenge by clicking the Oxford Owl icon below.






Today you will work on non-unit fractions.

First, click on the 'White Rose Maths' icon below to watch the video and then click below it for your activity on the BBC website. Choose either activity 1 or 2 and complete it in your busy book or challenge yourself by completing both. 

Activity 4 is your enlightenedchallenge for today

Summer Term - Week 7 (w/c 8th June)

Lesson 2 - Non-unit fractions




The Seaside


On a journey around the world you would find a lot of coastlines.

The coast is where the ocean meets land, and this happens in places all around the world.

Look at this map, everywhere that the blue sea meets the green or white land that
is the coast. The coast is also known as the seaside or seashore.



Seashores and coasts all look different. We are going to look at one kind today,

and that is a sunny seaside beach.


                      Enjoy this jolly song about the seaside before you start your task laugh

Can you sing along?

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Answer these questions:

Look at the pictures what can you see?


What is the weather like? Is it a hot or cold climate?


What would you find at a seaside like this?

What would you pack to go to the seaside? 

In your busy book draw a big suitcase and draw and label all of the things to would take with you.


You can use Squizzes to help you answer the questions and do so your research.