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Keep Moving







Practise the sounds and then read the words. 

Now can you cover the words and see if you can spell them correctly? 

Can you put the words into a sentence? E.g. Do I have your attention?




Click the image below for daily Read, Write, Inc sessions. Then join in with the spelling and hold a sentence session. 






Today we are working on recognising half past. 


When the big hand points to 6, it is half past.  E.g. 



Can you read the time on these clocks? 






Today choose a seaside animal (crab, sea urchin, anemone, lobster, starfish etc) that you find interesting and research it using Swiggle to find out as much as you can. Can you find the animal name, describe what it looks like and key features, e.g. shell, feathers, scales, as well as where it lives, how it moves and what it eats?  Make a fact file or create a booklet in the shape of the animal.