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Curriculum Intent in RE

We want our children to be open minded, independent, respectful, resilient, active, creative and forward thinking when learning about:


Our Wonderful World

Why do Christians give gifts at Christmas?

Special Books

What did Jesus teach us?

What do Hindus celebrate?

What do Muslims celebrate?

Leaders and Teachers

Christmas Celebrations

Who was Buddha?

Why is the Torah special?

Christian Rites of Passage

What do Sikhs believe?

What do signs and symbols mean in religion?

How and why do Hindus celebrate Divali?

What do we know about Jesus?

Jewish Celebrations

What is the Bible & why is it important for Christians?

Islamic Rites of Passage

Sikh Rites of Passage

Christmas Journeys

Hindu worship at home and in the mandir

Why is Easter important to Christians?

Buddhist Festivals

Belonging and Identity

Where did the Christian Bible come from?

Why is Muhammad important to Muslims?

Jewish Worship and Community

Buddhist Worship and Beliefs

Stories of Christianity

Belief in our Community

Stories of Hinduism

What is a church?

What is the Qur’an & why is it important for Muslims?

How do people express their faith through the arts?

Sikh Worship and Community

What happens when we die?