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Today's task is on page 14 of your TalkforWriting booklet by Emma Caulfeild.
Click the magpie above to go to it

You now have a plan for the main character in a story and the setting.

Today's task is to think of a problem that could happen and how it could be solved by your elves. Think back to some of the problems in stories you have read or we have read together,
this will help you.

Also Give your elves names wink



Today you will be working on subtracting two-digit numbers.
First, click on the 'White Rose Maths' icon below. Watch the video lesson:

Summer Term – Week 4 (w/c 11th May)

Lesson 3 - Subtract two-digit numbers



Then, click on the BBC Bitesize icon and complete the other mosaics in your busy book.
(activities on this link are created by BBC in partnership with Twinkl)

If you get stuck, click below, use the BBC Bitsize slideshow to help you.


Click below to go to the BBC website. Watch the video clip of the children visiting a beach. 

In your busy book make a list of all of the activities that the children liked to do there.

Draw a picture of each activity and write a label or caption to go with it.

enlightenedenlightened Super challenge - write the caption in English and in Spanish
For the challenge you can pause the video and copy the Spanish words and spellings wink


Clicking below will take you to the website where you can practise your Spanish vocabulary with topics you've been learning in school, play games and complete vocab tests.

enlightenedChallenge - choose one topic that interests you from the website.
Can you teach yourself a new Spanish word? write it in your busy book and draw a picture to go with it.

Youtube videos are a great way to make sure you don't forget all of the spanish language that you have learned so far.