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Keep Moving


Remember it is important to stay active. Keep doing daily exercise to stay fit and healthy. 

Click the images below for lots of fun activities. 








Practise the sounds and read the words. 






Click on the image below and practise Speedy Green words. You can have a go at spelling these in your home school book. 





Watch speed sounds lessons by clicking the image below. 







Today can you solve the subtraction word problems? Remember, when we are solving word problems, we circle the 'important' parts to help us work out the answer. 




             10 - 3  = 




Have a go and see if you can solve these word problems. 













Today you are continuing your research on Local Heroes. 

Using Swiggle (A child friendly search engine) 


Can you research who William Gladstone is?

Can you find an image of him on the internet?

Can you research and write 3 facts about him? 


Click the image below to start your research.