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Fun-day Focus

Make-it Monday

Children will be creating a jungle picture this week.

They will be using sponge brushes and rollers to cover their paper with shades of green paint.

When their painting is dry, they will be sticking photographs of animals onto their base, using glue.  

At home, you could create your own jungle picture drawing simple animals for children to add extra details eg. the elephants long trunk or whiskers in the lion.

Then colour the background green with pencil or crayon.

Taste-it Tuesday

Children will be making a favourite snack for monkeys as they make a banana pudding today.

  • They will be slicing banana with a plastic knife, keeping fingers out of the way.
  • They will slide the banana slices into their bowl using their knife.
  • Next, they can pour on custard (optional).
  • Lastly, they will sprinkle chocolate flakes on top and eat.

Wiggle Wednesday

Moving to music is lots of fun and great for developing physical skills, strength and stamina.

It also helps boost confidence as well as helping us to feel good, so lets all dance and move together:

I Can Move My Body Like Anything

As well as developing skills copying actions shown, music and movement is also a good opportunity for children to develop their creative skills and imagination, thinking of their own ways to move.

Tell your child to listen to the music and move in any way they like:

I Like To Move It (Original Video) Madagascar HD

Thrilling Thursday

Our thrill this week will be to explore and hunt around the house and find pretend jungle animals. You can help your child by asking which jungle animals they can find. Is the animal big or small? Is it found in a tree or by the water? Is it high or low? What sound does the animal make? How does the animal move?

Here are some jungle animal suggestions to start off your child's imagination. 

Jungle Animals 🐘🐯

Jungle Animals!

To help your child explore their pretend animals, you can help them make binoculars!

DIY Cardboard Tube Binoculars

How many animals did your child find? Which one was the favourite? Which animal was scary?

We hope your child enjoyed the Thursday thrill and learning about the animals in the jungle.

Funky Friday

Today we will enjoy joining in the words of the story of walking in the jungle.

Walking In The Jungle

We can also do the movements of a song we sing in nursery.

Down in the Jungle!

Have fun dancing with the animals in the jungle as they wash their clothes!