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Wiggle Wednesday

Good morning, everyone. let's start the day by singing our 'song of the week': I'm a little teapot'. If you need some help or have forgotten the tune, there is a clip on Monday's page.


Today is Wiggle Wednesday and children love to move to the music sharing their own ideas for actions and developing physical skills while copying the actions shown. Join in everybody....


I Like To Move It (Original Video) Madagascar HD

I like to move it move it, Madagascar HD All rights reserved to Dreamworks. This video is original / Official packed with Madagascar original DVD. This is bo...

ZUMBA KIDS- Turn up the Bass

Zumba Kids

Language and Literacy

Let's play a phonics/ robot-talk game using some things from the kitchen. Gather together a spoon, cup, fork, plate, jug. Name the objects with the children. Ask the children to tell you something about each object eg, the jug is blue, the plate is round. You may need to go first to suggest a sentence to give children an idea.

Next, say the word 'cup' like a robot, saying 'c-u-p', breaking it into letter sounds so that children can push the sounds together to say the word.

Try 'f-or-k, then 'pl-a-te', 'sp-oo-n', 'j-u-g'.

We are breaking short words into 3 sounds so that children begin to hear the beginning, middle and end sounds in words.


Make it a bit easier- try saying the word a few times together with your child. Emphasise the first sound. After a few times, can your child tell you to word that begins with 'fffff......ork', 'pppllll......ate'.

Challenge- use your 'Busy Book' to draw 2 of the items from the kitchen. Children or parents can draw together. Next use your new coloured pencils from school to colour. Try to move the pencil slowly inside the shape.

Super Challenge- Parents can write the label under the drawing so that children can copy below.

Remember to write the word larger than normal, with room underneath, for children to copy below.

Don't worry if it doesn't look the same as your writing. It's great if children want to try writing.

Mini Maths

Look at the number-line, given in your pack last week- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Say the numbers in order, pointing to the correct numeral as you say the number names.

Next, say the numbers 1-10, holding up one more finger as you count. Ask your child to do this with you.Then, child keeps their fingers up in the air as adult touches each finger and counts 1-10.

Look for things around the house to count: how many cushions on the couch? How many pencils in your pack? How many spoons in the drawer?


Make a bit easier- count groups of objects whose totals are no bigger than 5

Challenge - count groups of objects whose totals are bigger than 8. remind children to put objects in a line, touch 1 at a time, and say number names slowly/ accurately so as not to mis-count.

Super Challenge- child could point to the number on the number-line or write the total number in their 'Busy Book'.


Read your 'Book for Bedtime' in your pack.

Find your favourite page- what can you see? what do you like about this page? 

Tell your adult all about it.


Have a good day and enjoy the sunshine.

You could put the video clips on and move to the music for Wiggle Wednesday outside in your yard or garden.

Remember if you go outside in the street, please stay a safe distance away from others.

It would be great to hear from any children and/or parents who are visiting our class page. Please let me know about your week and send me an email at


Take care,

Mrs Colby