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Taste-it Tuesday

Good morning smiley and welcome to 'Taste-it Tuesday'.

Singing is a great way to feel good and wake-up our brains, ready for busy work.

Lets start the day with an action song: 

Mr Tumble Songs | Wind the Bobbin Up

Language and Literacy

It would be great if you could share some photographs with your child, looking at when your child was a baby, toddler and now.

  • Talk about what you can see in the photographs- who else is in the picture? where was the photograph taken?
  • How has your child changed? Look at hair, teeth, size of hands/feet etc.
  • Talk about how babies grow and change: how they need adults to do everything for them but now children can do things for themselves.
  • Explain how babies need food (initially only milk), drink, sleep, exercise (movement) to grow.

It would be great if you could share any photos you may have from when you were a baby so that children can see that everyone starts life as a baby. This is something children usually find especially amusing! 


One of babies first foods, when trying to wean them off milk, is mashed banana.

As today is Taste-it Tuesday I thought a good idea might be to make a banana pudding. You could:

  • Ask your child to slice a banana and put into a bowl. (They may need help to peel it first).
  • Then pour on custard or cream.
  • Next you could mash a biscuit or piece of chocolate.
  • Then sprinkle with biscuit crumbs or chocolate bits.

If you feel like doing a bigger project, you could try making Banana Muffins. I did this at the weekend with my teenage daughter. I can recommend them as they are very delicious!- (even without the cinnamon and nutmeg, which we didn't have!!) 

Mini Maths


Using flashcards is a very good way of helping your child learn without trying too hard.

Write the numbers 1-10 on a strip of paper.

Point to each number and say the number name with your child.

Then write numbers 1-10 again on another strip of paper.

Next cut the second number strip to make number flash cards.

Mix up some of the number flash cards and ask your child to match the cards to the strip of paper above.

Challenge - Mix up some of the number flash cards and ask your child to rearrange the numbers in the correct sequence, eg.

give child numbers:  4    2    1    3    for child to put in order  1    2     3     4


give child numbers:  5    3    1    7     for child to put in order  1    3     5     7


When I was a Baby - Read aloud - picture book


This is a simple text which fits perfectly with the activities today.

Challenge- You could ask children to re-read the story with you and point to the words as the book is read.

OR you could turn off the sound so that your child could try to 'read' for themselves. This will mostly be from memory and using the pictures so don't worry if some words are confused when they are reading.



Hope you have a good day.