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Click the picture above to go to your Year 2 TalkforWriting work booklet by Emma Caulfeild.


Today, Jas the Elf needs you to match some of the words from the story you have been reading to their meanings, then, write a new sentence using each word and draw a picture.
Jas is waiting for you on page 9 of the work booklet, click the magpie above to go there.
Complete these tasks in your busy book.


Tips and things to remember when trying to work out what a word means:  

  • Look at the parts of a sentence before and after a new word. Is the word being used as a noun, verb or adjective? This could give you a clue to what it means.
  • Break the word down. Do any parts of the word look familiar to you?
  • Look for root words that you know already.
  • For this task you could leave the trickiest words until last and see which meaning are left to give you a clue.

Click on the 'White Rose Maths' icon below.
Today you will be working with related facts and making links.
First, watch the video lesson then complete the activity in your busy book.

Summer Term – Week 3 (w/c 4th May)

Lesson 3 - Related Facts

Click below to go to the BBC website. Watch the video clip of Papo the parrot visiting a Spanish primary school, then, draw a picture of our school and classroom in your busy book. Label all the different parts of the school that Papo learned today and any others you know or can find out wink

Clicking below will take you to the website where you can practise your Spanish vocabulary with topics you've been learning in school, play games and complete vocab tests.

enlightenedChallenge - choose one topic that interests you from the website.
Can you teach yourself a new Spanish word? write it in your busy book and draw a picture to go with it.