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Today you have the really fun task of designing some new clothes for the elves.

They all need hats, suits and shoes but you can add anything extra that you think
they would like or need. 

You must label your drawings with as many adjectives as you can that describe each clothing item.

This task is on page 11 of your TalkforWriting booklet by Emma Caulfeild.
Click the elves above to go to it.


enlightenedChallenge - use commas too.



enlightened Today you have to use all of your maths skills to find the answers to these challenges enlightened

You can ask somebody in your home to help you or try them by yourself wink



Log in to Yumu and continue to learn the Friendship Song heart


If you are not sure what your username and password are please contact your teacher by email:
Miss Collins - 
Mrs Marsden - 


Happy Singing!



Free Choice Friday


After all of your hard work this week choose some of the games on the link below, on some of the links we have used for tasks this week or go to our 'skills' or 'fun extras' section and practise there. 


Have fun! wink
Stay safe heart and we will be back with more activities on Monday yes


AND Don't forget to log in to 'My Maths' and 'Bug Club' every day.
Your teachers see when you do cool


There are lots of VE Day crafts and activities below that you might enjoy for Free Choice.

Click on the icons below to find something you would like to do.
If you can't print out pictures you could draw them in your busy book