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Good Morning Receptionlaugh.

Today is Wednesday 1st April 2020, the first day of our new month.
Here are today's busy work activities, good luck! yes

Phonics Time

Can you say these sounds?

p   g   o  c   k  u  b  f


Now, in your busy work books, practice writing the following letters:
Remember to use the rhymes to help you.
j - down his body, curl and dot.

h - down the head to the hooves and over his back.

x - down the arm and leg and repeat the other side.


mail Parents: Ask your child to write the following words in their busy work books.
Boys and girls, remember to use your 'Fred Fingers' to help you.


Words to write: fog, bug, pet, tap, plan.
As a challenge, your child could write a simple sentence: a big mug.


Now, let's play 'Pick a Picture' blush.

Singing Time
Visit and practice singing some of the songs we have learnt in class. Your log in details are included in your home learning packs.
You could also click on the video below and learn a new song about washing your hands, this is very important right now. Enjoy singing timeblush.

Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark

Maths Time
Today we are looking at repeating patterns.
Click on the fruit pictures below. Can you recognise the patterns?
In your busy books, draw the fruits and continue each pattern.
Challenge Time: Using the fruits below, can you create your own repeating pattern? Ask somebody in your family to continue your patternlaugh.
Story Time
Today's story book is called 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit'. The story follows the mischievous Peter as he escapes dangerous situations in the garden of Mr. McGregor. Click on the icon below to read the storyblush.
Enjoy your day!
Miss Dodgson & Mr Kirkbride