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Our Vision is to provide an exciting and challenging PE and Sport offer to every child at Lawrence CP 


2023 / 24

Welcome back to another year of PE and Sport at our wonderful school.

Hopefully, we will have a really good year of activities at Lawrence and build on the achievements we have made over the years.

As in previous years it is our intention to make sure that every child has the opportunity to take part in activities that they like so that they will gain an affinity for something which will last them a lifetime.

Taking part in physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health both now and in the future.

Please come back and have a look at the wonderful things we do at Lawrence to keep ourselves healthy and happy.

See you soon smiley yes

UK National Cross Country Championships - Sefton Park Saturday 25th November 2023

We were very proud at Lawrence to have one of our year 5 children qualify for the Liverpool Cross Country under 11 team.  In a very strong field at Sefton Park, he finished in a very respectable position.


LFC Foundation Mini League - Thursday 23rd November

We resumed our LFC Foundation Mini League games today and although we lost both games the children showed great resilience in not giving up.

Well done children.

Rackets Cubed

Our successful Rackets Cubed programme from last year has continued with our current year 5 children.

We are very grateful to the amazing Rackets Cubed organisation

for their help in making sure that we give our children the opportunity to play racket sports at Lawrence.


Jules Abbas Silvera, the area manager from Rackets Cubed. has played the major role in making this project a success but we do also need to thank David and Chris from The Liverpool Tennis Centre and Dena and the Gang from Papas Bistro for their involvement in the project.

Our own Mr Goudie has also played a huge part in the organisation and delivery of the project so we would also like to give him a large pat on the back.  Thank you sir smiley

Our children play tennis on a Tuesday afternoon and then take part in an after school tennis club from 3.15 pm until 4.30 pm.

To complement the tennis we also run a badminton after school club on a Monday.

The progress the children are making is astounding.

Thank you everyone smiley

After School Rackets Clubs on Monday and Tuesday.

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The Focus Is On Racket Sports.

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Badminton and Tennis after School Clubs

Badminton After School

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Badminton Club

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Rackets Cubed After School Club

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BikeRight Year 5

Another brilliant BikeRight course over the week commencing 16th October.

24 children were able to achieve either a level one or level two BikeRight certificate and badge so it was a great success.  Unfortunately, the Friday course was cancelled due to the really heavy rain but we will get it booked in soon.

A big thank you to Eddie and the other instructors for their patient and brilliant tuition and Carla and Alex at BikeRight for their help organising the sessions and providing the bikes and helmets.

Cross Country - Clarke's Gardens and Stanley Park.

The Cross Country has been a real success. 

Races 3 & 4 at Clarke's Gardens and Stanley Park saw our children making more progress with one of our year 5 children coming 5th in the intermediate school's race.

Our next race isn't until February 2024 because of the dark autumn and winter nights so we'll try to get some practice sessions in over the coming weeks and months smiley

LSSP Dodgeball 26th September 2023 - Archbishop Beck Tennis Centre

Our first LSSP competition of the year and the children really enjoyed competing against other schools in this highly enjoyable afternoon of supercharged Dodgeball smiley

Liverpool Primary Cross Country Championships 2023 / 24

Croxteth Park - Thursday 21st September 2023


Our children had a fantastic time competing with schools from all over the Liverpool area.

It was the first time most of them had taken part in a cross country race and they did really well.

They said that they were all looking forward to the next race at Newsham Park on 3rd October. smiley

 2022/ 23

Welcome back to another year of PE and Sport at our wonderful school.

The last two years have been affected by the pandemic so we are keeping our fingers crossed that this coming year will not have any interruptions for any reasons.

We have taken part in some excellent competitions and activities already and we will endeavour to do as many as possible as the academic year marches on.

I have put a selection of photos and videos below and where possible an indication of what competitions the photos were taken from.

I will post updates more frequently now and try to keep you as up to date as possible with everything we are doing connected to PE and Sport at Lawrence.

For really up to date information about competions and events that we have taken part in don't forget to visit our school Twitter page: @LawrencePrimary

Have a great year and keep yourself active and healthy.

Mr McCormick

Rackets Cubed & Liverpool Tennis Centre

It's Great To Be Back! Park Palace Ponies.

LSSP Kinball

LFC Foundation Mini League

LSSP Cricket - Sefton Park CC

LSSP Dance Competition

LSSP Dodgeball at The Academy of St Nicholas

Table Tennis After School Club

Basketball After School Club

Lancashire CC Foundation Cricket with Paul Morris Cricket


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Rackets Cubed Tennis and STEM

Paul Morris Cricket - Lancashire CC Cricket Foundation

                                                       2021 / 22

Rackets Cubed Tennis and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

LSSP Year 3 Dodgeball at North Liverpool Academy

Miss Bullock took the children to North Liverpool Academy for this competition and she was delighted with their behaviour and their performance against the other schools.

The children finished 4th out of 11 teams and they had a really good time.

Well done children and thank you to Miss Bullock smiley

Welcome back to Lawrence for our new school year.

I am hoping that this year will allow us to get back to normal with regard to our PE and Sport but for the time being (until the October half term break) we will be carrying on as we were at the end of the summer 2021 term.

After that, we can hopefully start to attend competitions again and take part in the activities that we have come to know and love in our school (Park Palace Ponies, LSSP competitions, LFC Foundation competitions etc.).

In the meantime, scroll down to the pictures and videos from the final week of term when year 5 and year 6 enjoyed themselves at the Watersports Centre.

Have a great year and keep checking here for more PE and Sport information.

Keep Fit and healthy

Mr McCormick

First PE lesson of the year for 5M

Park Palace Ponies October 2021

Park Palace Ponies

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Some videos from our visit

It was fantastic to return to Park Palace Ponies after such a long time.

The children had a fantastic afternoon and we would like to thank our friends at Park Palace for looking after us smiley yes

Scooter Boards

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Another fantastic resource that we recently acquired thanks to Mr Goudie's research are Scooter Boards.
These amazing boards will help our children develop good core strength, agility, balance and coordination.
The boards also come equipped with paddles so the children can get ready for when they visit the Liverpool Water Sports Centre in year 5 and 6 πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Everton In The Community 5 a Side competition at Prescot Soccer Centre

It was great to recommence outdoor competitions again today.  We have, in the past, always attended these competitions run by the LFC Foundation, LSSP (Liverpool School Sports Partnership), Liverpool Lacrosse (at Liverpool Cricket Club) and Wavertree Cricket Club etc.   It was our first competition at an event run by Everton Football Club’s magnificent community organisation, EITC (Everton In The Community) today though.  Prescot Soccer Centre was the venue and although we didn’t win too many games we did win some new friends with our children’s fantastic sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

Well done children 

Fingers crossed we’ll be entering even more after Christmas with Basketball, New Age Kurling, Boccia and table tennis amongst the upcoming competitions on offer as well as more LFC Mini League games.

Watch out for the LSSP Futsal competition pictures which should be on here after we play next Thursday (25th November).

May 2022

It's been a long time but today we enjoyed taking part in our first LSSP competition of the  2021/22 academic year. 
Fingers crossed the other competitions that we've entered as well as our water sports activities will appear directly under this announcement. 

Kinball Competition at Liverpool John Moores University Sports Centre.

Fantastic teamwork from our Lawrence Kinballers

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Our children performed admirably and finished in a very creditable 3rd place out of the 8 teams who took part.
Well done.


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Scooter Board Fun

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Wow! They look like fun πŸ˜€πŸ‘

More fabulous photos and videos from our most recent trip to Park Palace Ponies (Friday 19th November 2021).

The children’s faces are testament to why our school does this.  They enjoy it so much; and later on in the school year the pony riding and pony care classes will be complemented by cross curricular lessons in science (Animals and Their Habitats) and art.  

Park Place Ponies

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Another wonderful afternoon riding at our inner city pony riding heaven πŸ˜€

Happy, smiling faces πŸ˜€

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2020 / 21

Welcome back to a new academic year at Lawrence.  2019-20 was a very strange year for sport and PE not only in our school but in every school throughout the United Kingdom (and the World). 

The Global Pandemic which closed our school in March 2020 brought an abrupt end to sport and leisure activities up and down the country.  Now we are back in school there are still many restrictions which will limit what we can and cannot do with regard to sport and leisure activities.

Rest assured we will do our best to offer first class PE and games opportunities at Lawrence and hopefully, when things start to get better we can resume our normal activities: taking part in external competitions with LSSP (Liverpool School Sports Partnership) and the LFC Foundation and visiting our friends at The Liverpool Water Sports Centre, Park Palace Ponies and Wavertree Cricket Club.

We will try our best to get our after school clubs going again as soon as possible and Mr Goudie and myself are really looking forward to seeing you at these wonderful clubs that I know so many of you love to attend.

School swimming will hopefully resume in March 2021.  Normally, Year 6 would visit the Wavertree Aquatic Centre from September through to Christmas and Year 5 would then attend from January until July.  This wasn't possible in this academic year because of the social distancing measures that have been put in place by the swimming team from the local authority.  

I really hope that we can get back to some kind of normal soon, as I really miss being able to report on here about the fantastic events that we have taken part in and posting pictures of your happy faces for everyone to see.

In the meantime, stay safe everybody and keep your fingers crossed, like me, that we'll be back to normal soon.

Mr McCormick

4th January - 8th March - School Lockdown

During this most recent lockdown PE sessions were delivered remotely using our Google Classroom ‘MEET’ and the sessions, delivered by our PE coach, were well attended and enjoyed by all children.  Our PE scheme, Real PE, formed the basis of the remote lessons and the core principles of agility, balance and coordination were evident in every session.  Evidence of the popularity and engagement of the children in the sessions can be found in the ‘MEET’ recordings logs and via our Twitter handle: @LawrencePrimary: Twitter

Clips from the remote lessons and a link to 'Mr Goudie's Virtual Classroom are available below.


Guide to Virtual Hall

Virtual Hall

Real PE - Jasmine



Warm Up

Still image for this video

5M warming up before taking part in their PE lesson with Mr Goudie.


Still image for this video

Kinball is a fast paced game that we introduced into Lawrence a few years ago.

The children really love playing it and as well as being a really good test of their agility, balance and coordination it is also a fantastic game for building team working skills.

July 2021 Update


PE and Sport at Lawrence really comes into its own during the summer term however Covid 19 was still casting its shadow over what we could do safely.  As always at Lawrence we try to adapt to conditions and everyone gave it their all to ensure that the children had as much fun as possible in the lead up to the end of the academic year.

Mr Goudie, who has delivered consistently excellent PE lessons to each year bubble throughout the pandemic, organised some wonderful sports days for each year group and the children enjoyed them immensely.

In the final week of term we were able to take the children from year 5 and year 6 to the Liverpool Watersports Centre.  The activities we do at the centre (Kayaking, Rafted Canoes, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Water Park Activities) are normally enjoyed throughout the summer term but the pandemic, which has curtailed many of the activities that we do at this time of the year, meant that these were the first visits of the year for the children.

The year 6 children were leaving us of course to go on to their secondary education so it was fantastic that we were able to take them to the centre for a full day's activities to celebrate their final days in our school.

Fingers crossed we will be able to return to normal as soon as possible in the coming new academic year.

Sports Days at Lawrence

6W Video

6W Watersports 17/07/2021

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                                                                          2019 / 20

Sainsburys School Games Silver Award πŸ…

Welcome back to a new academic year at Lawrence.  2018/19 was another incredible year of sport at our school and we will try to ensure that this year will be just as good, if not better! Special mention should be made to our Badminton and Boccia teams who enjoyed success at county level in their respective games (see pictures below).  The children were playing against children from every borough in Merseyside so their achievement was incredible!  We took part in numerous competitions and we tried to involve as many children as possible throughout the school. 


Our ethos is that there is some sporting activity for everyone and this why we have a very broad range of sports on offer.  Our wonderful sports specialist, Mr Goudie, has been casting his net far and wide in an effort to drive up standards in sport at our school.  He has been working with children in KS1 to make sure that the foundations are laid at an early age.  A multi-sports after school club is proving very popular and we are already seeing the benefits of these early interventions.


Sports Partnerships


Our very successful partnership with Park Palace Ponies will continue this year and, having spoken to the children who attended the pony riding sessions there in the last academic year, I know that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and picked up so many skills, not just in riding ponies but in pony care matters as well.

Similarly, our relationship with Liverpool Water Sport Centre has grown and we are very appreciative of the fact that they put us forward as the only primary school to take part in the Ineos 1851 Trust sailing initiative.  The 1851 foundation provided funds for children from inner city schools to experience sailing first hand.  Some of these children may never have had the opportunity to take part in sailing,  so this is a fantastic experience for them.  We hope one day that we might see an ex-Lawrence pupil skippering an America's Cup yacht in this world famous series of races. 

Our sports partnerships with Liverpool F.C. Foundation, LSSP (Liverpool School Sports Partnership) and Liverpool Primary Schools Athletic Association give us access to top quality competitions and involve us in a network of sport that can only be beneficial to our school and children.


Once again this year we were successful in achieving the Sainsbury's Silver School Games Mark.  This is a reward for all the hard work that we do at Lawrence and recognition that we  provide a high quality sport offer at our school.


Swimming - Wavertree Aquatics Centre

Our year six children worked exceptionally hard over the year to try and meet and exceed the National Curriculum expectation in swimming.  A child should be able to swim 25 metres and be able to swim 10 metres as a minimum in a second stroke (backstroke or breaststroke).  They should also be able to perform self rescue in a pool and take part in a water safety event.

Our statistics for last year's year six cohort are:

Able to swim 25 metres: 80%

Able to complete 10 metres in a second stroke: 75%

Able to perform self rescue: 90%

We work in partnership with the local authority swimming department to get as many children as possible up to the required level and we provide top up swimming sessions in the summer term for children who might be struggling with their swimming.

So, off we go into another school year.  Try to get involved in our after school clubs and keep active and fit.


The varied sports and activities the children took part in last year are listed below, with those at the Water Sports Centre shown in blue:


  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Aqua Park Activities
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Pony Riding (with pony care) PPP
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Table Tennis
  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • UV Handball (Handball played in a darkened sports hall with the teams wearing fluorescent bibs)
  • Hockey
  • New Age Kurling
  • Gymnastics
  • Dodgeball
  • UV Dodgeball 
  • Boccia
  • Tri Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Netball
  • Dance
  • Mat Ball and UV Mat Ball 
  • Kin Ball 
  • The Daily Mile

Pupil Voice - Year 2 - Spring 2020

Still image for this video

PE Moderation Spring 2020

Still image for this video
Each term I observe a class to ensure that the standard of PE throughout the school is of a high standard. I also ask children (pupil voice) what they think of PE in their class and our school and what we can do to make it even better. The two children in these videos above give their opinion.

Lawrence Athletics

Thank you so much to Jack (Vision for Education) for supplying our athletics vests for the Lawrence Athletics team.  They are fantastic and we look forward to their unveiling in the Liverpool District Athletics Championships in June. laugh

Boccia District Champions 2019/20

Congratulations to our fantastic Boccia team for winning the district Championship at Toxteth Fire Fit Centre.  Well done Champs laugh

Roar for Diversity - Thursday 28th November

What a fantastic day. The ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) and the EPL (English Premier League) launched their ‘Roar for Diversity’ resources for PHSE in primary schools at Lawrence 😁🏏⚽️
Celebrities from cricket and football came together in 5M to talk about and celebrate diversity in sport and, what a fantastic place to launch it.
Thank you Chris Edwards (England Disabled Cricket), Sophia Dunkley (England Women’s Cricket), Sian Massey (EPL Referee), Eoin Morgan (Middlesex and England cricketer) and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for taking the time out of your busy schedules  to come and visit us in our school 😁

Boccia Champions πŸ†πŸ…

Another trophy to add to our cabinet πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ½
A fantastic effort from our children in their heat at Toxteth Firefit. The children had to be at their best to see off the opposition and move forward into the City Finals!

Well done children 😁

Badminton presentation at Golden Chance Assembly

A fantastic certificate assembly this morning and a great opportunity to celebrate Tuesday’s fantastic badminton win. Well done again to our superstars. Have a great half-term everybody πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜

Year 4 at Park Palace Ponies

Our new year 4 children have started their visits to Park Palace Ponies and they really seem to be enjoying themselves. Thank you to all the gang at The Palace and to the adults at our school who facilitate this amazing experience - especially Mrs Murray and Miss Bullock who organise the weekly trips. 

Yachting at Liverpool Water Sports Centre

Children from our new year 6 cohort enjoying their first yachting taster session. 

Thanks to Jon and Andrea at LWC and the 1851 trust and team Ineos πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ½β›΅οΈ


Welcome to a new year of sport at Lawrence!  We had another record breaking year last year adding lots of new and exciting sports and activities to our already extensive portfolio. Our children took part in several competitions and their behaviour, attitude and sportsmanship was superb at all times.  In fact, we actually received an invite into a Wirral volleyball competition because the Chairman of the Merseyside Volleyball League attended a competition in which we were participating, and was so impressed by our sportsmanship throughout the tournament that he asked us over as a ‘wild card’ entry (our ‘A’ team eventually won the competition).


Our teams enjoyed varying degrees of success over the year: our dancers excelled again in their Festival of Dance and dance competitions. Our athletes performed admirably at both the District and City Championships and our New Age Kurlers and Boccia stars excelled throughout the year, culminating in their attendance at the Merseyside School Games.  This celebration of sport brings successful teams from all over Merseyside for the finals of their sport.  Our New Age Kurlers and Boccia teams won Bronze and Silver medals in a fantastic end to the sports year. 


Our association with the Liverpool Water Sports Centre allowed our children to take part in activities that they may not have had the opportunity to experience before, and I think that all of the children who took part in these activities will have benefitted from their time there. The team, led by Jon, have really worked hard to help us give our children a unique opportunity and we hope to make our association with them a long one. 


The varied sports and activities the children took part in last year are listed below, with those at the Water Sports Centre shown in blue:


  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Aqua Park Activities
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Water Polo
  • Cricket
  • Table Tennis
  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • UV Handball (Handball played in a darkened sports hall with the teams wearing fluorescent bibs)
  • Hockey
  • New Age Kurling
  • Gymnastics
  • Dodgeball
  • UV Dodgeball (Dodgeball played in a darkened sports hall with the teams wearing fluorescent bibs)
  • Boccia
  • Tri Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Netball
  • Dance
  • Mat Ball and UV Mat Ball (as above)
  • Kin Ball (a new sport which originated in Canada: see pictures below)
  • The Daily Mile


Our intention is to provide as many high quality sport and sport based activities for our children as we can.  We will continue to work with our partner organisations to deliver coaching at the highest level possible.  Liverpool Lacrosse, Wavertree CC, LFC Foundation, Mersey Mavericks Basketball, LSSP (Liverpool School Sports Partnership), Think Dance and the team from the Liverpool Water Sports Centre will all be involved in helping us deliver a first class sport offer for our children.  In the near future we aim to bring in other activities for our children to enjoy, such as orienteering and pony riding so that everyone at Lawrence can enjoy PE / Sport.


Have a fantastic year and remember to take part in as much sport as possible to keep yourself fit and healthy in mind and in body.

School Games Silver Award

What a fantastic way to finish our year of sport at Lawrence: well done everybody.

2019 Boccia County Championship Runners Up

An amazing performance by our children at the Boccia County Championship.  To finish runners-up in such a prestigious tournament was a fantastic result.

Well done children.  

A fantastic 2019 sports day took place on Wednesday 19th June.  The sun shone and everyone had a really enjoyable time.  Thanks to everyone who made this such a memorable day and an amazing celebration of sport in our school.  Well done to the children from KS2 who worked really hard for their World Cup Cricket teams.  The results will appear here when everyone submits their scores.

West Indies




Badminton Merseyside County Final

Well done to our year 5/6 badminton stars who finished 2nd in the Merseyside County Badminton Final.  This was a tremendous achievement and the players should be really proud of themselves for producing some memorable badminton.

Highland Games Champions 2019

Congratulations to our Year 3/4 Highland Games competitors who brought back another piece of silverware to put in our trophy cabinet.  Well done children, you worked really hard and you earned your medals.  Champions!

Boccia Year 3/4

LSSP Volleyball 🏐 Championships

Our volley ballers performed remarkably at the recent LSSP competition and came first out of eight competing teams. A fantastic performance and a just reward for all the hard work that the team put in leading up to the competition. 

A big thanks to Mr Goudie and Steve, from LSSP, for the brilliant coaching sessions that got our children to such a high standard. 

2019 LSSP City Champions

A fantastic performance from our children to win, in the face of strong competition, the Boccia City Championships. Well done!

LSSP Christmas Dance Festival

Still image for this video
Our wonderful Stepping Stars dance troupe had a fantastic time at the recent LSSP Dance Festival which was held at St Julies High School in Woolton. The festival was absolutely fantastic and we now look forward with great anticipation to the dance competition which will take place in March 2019.

LSSP Festive Festival Photos

Another fantastic afternoon of pony riding and pony care at Park Palace Ponies. This really is learning outside the classroom! One of the trainers was quizzing our wonderful children about the parts of a pony and she pointed to the pony’s knee, “what’s this?” She asked. One of our talented children put their hand up and responded, “patella,”. Wow!

Trotting at Park Palace Ponies

Still image for this video
Our children make great progress in such a short time. They ended their first session by trotting around the arena.

LFC Foundation Handball

Well done to our KS1 athletes who took part in their first athletics competition. The children were a bit nervous at first but they overcame their nerves to put in an excellent performance. Well done girls and boys!

A fantastic performance from our children at the LFC Foundation Handball Competition.

We finished in third place which was a great result because the competition was really good. 

Park Palace Ponies

On Friday 9th November, 2018 ten children from 4M became the first children from our school to attend a pony riding and pony care session at Park Palace Pony riding school in Mill Street, Liverpool 8.

Thanks to Keith and all of his helpers all of the children (and the teachers who went with them) had a wonderful afternoon and enjoyed their first experience of pony riding.

We hope this was just the first of many sessions that our children will enjoy at Park Palace Ponies and we are excited to add this to our fantastic curriculum at Lawrence. 

Park Palace Ponies: Our First Visit

Year Six Watersports

Year Six children enjoying the final watersports session of 2018.  These children have come so far, learning to swim  in the Liverpool Aquatic Centre in January and then nine months later swimming in open water in the Queens Dock!  That's progress!

Year 5 having their Water sports taster session.

Some of our year 5 children getting ready to cast off for their first water sports experience.  Teachers have commented that the children have come back from the sessions with boosted confidence and improved self esteem.  These sessions have been worth every penny!  The children have really enjoyed taking part in the activities at the centre.

Swim Safe at the Liverpool Water Sports Centre

23 of our year 5 & 6 children took part in this event at the Liverpool Water Sports Centre.

Life savers from the Merseyside RNLI and ASA swimming coaches from The Wavertree Aquatic Centre instructed our children on how to stay safe in the event that they were to fall into open water: a most valuable life skill!  The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we would like to thank everyone who made it possible. 😁

Kin Ball has arrived at Lawrence! This game originated in Canada and our friends from LSSP organised a demonstration day run by the JMU Kin Ball club just before we broke up for the summer term. We then took part in a competition and we liked it so much we decided to purchase the equipment to play the game in school. We are looking forward to taking part in this year’s  competition 😁 Omnicon!

New Playground Markings

Over the summer our playground got a bit of a facelift when the Daily Mile track and other markings were laid. Hopefully, these playground markings will allow our children to have more fun when they play; it has certainly made the Daily Mile more enjoyable!


Welcome to our sports pages for 2017/18.  Last year we enjoyed a tremendous year entering lots of competitions and having lots of fun.  Special mention must go to our wonderful dance troupe; our year 5/6 cricketers (see below) and our SEND New Age Kurling team who all had success at city level in their respective competitions.

We try to have something for everyone at Lawrence and we are always looking to add new sports and activities so that our children can find something that might suit them and help to keep them fit and healthy.  

One of our year 5 classes has started to do a daily mile run πŸƒ( The children have loved this addition to their daily exercise routine and they have commented how much more energy they have in class at the start of the day.

In the last academic year we provided after school clubs in many of the activities listed below and our coaching provision, both in school hours and in after school events was second to none due to our connections with local sports clubs and organisations: Liverpool School Sports Partnership (LSSP), Liverpool FC, Sefton Park CC, Old Xaverians CC, Liverpool Lacrosse Club, Mersey Mavericks Basketball Club and Think Dance Studio.  We also have our own dedicated sports coach, Brandon Goudie, who brings us expertise in all aspects of PE and sport.  Our commitment to working with these fantastic clubs and organisations continues this year.

Listed below are the sports and PE activities that we provided at our school last year:  


  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Water Polo
  • Cricket
  • Table Tennis
  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • New Age Kurling
  • Gymnastics
  • Dodgeball
  • Boccia
  • Tri Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Netball
  • Dance

This coming year, aided by the increase in Sport Premium money, we intend to add other sports and recreational activities to our sports portfolio at Lawrence. Please feel free to ask if there is anything you would like us to add to our offer.  In the meantime, keep active, keep healthy, keep playing sport.

Don’t forget to follow our sporting exploits on Twitter  πŸ˜„ πŸƒ  @LawrencePrimary


2017 - 2018


28th June 2018 - Liverpool Watersports Centre

Still image for this video

Liverpool Watersports Centre

Still image for this video
6W enjoyed a fantastic morning of canoeing at the Liverpool Water Sports Centre. Their aquatic fun was captured by our roving drone cameraman who filmed at the centre itself and then from a vantage point in the 'Royal Albert Dock'! Thank you AMc :)
All of our Year 5 and 6 children will have had the opportunity to get on the water and some of them will be graduating on to kayaks and sailing boats. What an experience!
What a fantastic afternoon we had at Liverpool Watersports Centre. Thank you to Jon, Andrea, Clive, Brendon and all the team for helping our children experience rafted canoeing at their amazing centre.  We paddled up to the Albert Dock and it was brilliant to see our historic dock buildings from the vantage point in our canoes. We’ll be taking some children back to try yachting and kayaking over the next few weeks so watch this space! πŸ˜πŸš€πŸ›Άβ›΅οΈ
A brilliant morning of athletics with the fantastic coaches at the LFC Foundation in Anfield Sports Centre.  The year 3 children had lots of fun taking part in some brilliant track and field events.

Children from year 3 and 4 had a fantastic morning of Boccia at Anfield Sports Centre.

The children will be hoping, like us all, that their hard work will result in them doing as well as our year 5 and 6 children this year who are representing Lawrence in the School Games in July.

International Dance Day - Nursery

Still image for this video

Gaynor, our wonderful dance guru, came to help us celebrate International Dance Day. 

All classes, from the nursery to year 6, had the opportunity to take part in an international dance.

In the video above our nursery children can be seen ‘strutting their stuff’!  

If this video doesn’t make you smile then nothing will! πŸ˜„

LFC Foundation Sports and Teamwork Day 12th April 2018

We were invited to a morning of sports and teamwork activities by the LFC Foundation, with whom we have close links.  The children took parts in lots of fun activities including some games where they had to wear blindfolds and ear defenders to simulate being visually impaired or somebody with a hearing disability.  The children had a fantastic morning and the team from the LFC Foundation were brilliant!  Thanks guys smiley

KS2 Dance Competition - March 2018

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Our Stepping Stars Dance troupe had a fantastic time at the LSSP KS2 dance competition and although they didn't win any prizes on this occasion they had a great time performing their circus based dance.  Special thanks to our dance teacher, Gaynor, who has worked really hard to get our children to this standard.

KS1 Dance Competition - March 2018

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Our fantastic KS1 dancers did incredibly well at the LSSP dance competition which was held at North Liverpool Academy.

Although they have only being dancing together as a group for a few weeks they did incredibly well.

Well done children and thank you to Mrs Adamson who has worked hard to get them to this fantastic level. We’ll definitely be back next year!


Year 3/4 UV Dodgeball

Following on from our year 5/6 UV Dodgeballers our year 3/4 children also took part in their age group’s competition.  The children thoroughly enjoyed playing this highly competitive and enjoyable game. For some of them it was their first chance to play against other schools and to say they were excited is an understatement!  Well done. 

Year 5/6 Dodgeball in the Dark!

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Wow! What a fantastic idea, UV Dodgeball. The children had a fantastic time playing one of their favourite sports, Dodgeball but this time it was Dodgeball with a twist! It was played in the dark 😁

LSSP Basketball: January 2018

A hard fought competition at St Margaret’s Academy to herald the opening of the Lawrence sporting calendar for 2018. 

Lawrence CP: Liverpool City SEND Boccia Champions 2017

Lawrence CP -  SEND Boccia City Champions 2017 πŸ†

WOW!  Well done to our fantastic SEND Boccia team who performed magnificently to win the 2017 City Championship  trophy πŸ† today. They will go on to represent the city in the School Games, held in 2018. 

Mersey Mavericks’ Mavs of the Week 😁

More top class coaching from, John and more very worthy Mavs of the Week.  Great teamwork, sportsmanship and excellent basketball. 

LFC in the Community Handball Competition