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Fun-day Focus

Make-it Monday

The children are going to be exploring paint and colour mixing when they make firework pictures today.

To make a firework picture:

  • take a straw or cardboard (kitchen roll) tube or straw and make small slits in one end
  • blob a small amount of paint onto black or white paper
  • using the tube, straw or fork move the paint around
  • blob a small amount of different colour paint and repeat

Taste-it Tuesday

We will be talking about keeping warm as the weather gets colder, in Autumn.

Today children are going to make 'baked beans and a butty' for their snack

  •  spooning beans from the big bowl into their own bowl
  • choosing if they would like to add some grated cheese
  • and dipping their bread and butter to eat.

Wiggle Wednesday

Moving to music is lots of fun and great for developing physical skills, strength and stamina.

It also helps boost confidence as well as helping us to feel good, so lets all dance and move together.

The children loved the Halloween movements last week so we will revisit them again this week as repetition is a great way for children to learn.

Halloween Freeze Dance for Children

Monster Shuffle Dance Song

Thrilling Thursday

Our thrill today will be looking at the colours on the parachute and playing parachute games.

We will be

  • playing stop and go, wobbling the parachute on the ground
  • waving the parachute down low to our toes then up high above our heads
  • putting small soft toys or balls on the top of the parachute to make them bounce.


These games can be played at home using a blanket or large bath towel.

Funky Friday

Today we are going to  be exploring musical instruments to see if we can make some sounds like fireworks- banging tambourines, shaking bells and clicking castanets.


You could try making firework sounds with items at home- banging an old pan, shaking a bunch of keys and tapping spoons.

You could explore your home-made 'instruments' as you sing along to our Nursery rhyme of the week:

Incy Wincy Spider