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Summer- Getting Ready for School

I hope you and your families are enjoying a happy summer breaksmiley.


Children love repetition so please use any activities suggested on the previous weeks 'Home Learning', where you will find Maths, Phonics, Language, Story-time and other fun activities for each day.


Below are a collection of activities to help children to remember the things they have learned in Nursery.


Physical Activities (which will help to develop pencil control)

Moving to music and copying the actions in our sessions on 'Wiggle Wednesday' help children's co-ordination, physical strength and stamina.

Click on any 'Wiggle Wednesday' from the previous weeks to move and respond to the music.


It is good for your child to see written numbers, as well as saying them when you are measuring or counting in your home.

Write the numbers on a large strip of paper and put the paper-strip on a window, door or wall, where your child can easily see it each day.


1     2     3     4     5     6      7     8      9      10 


You will be amazed at how quickly children begin to learn the shape of the numbers when they see them lots of times each day.

Phonics Picture Cards  
Don't forget 'Fred-Talk, Say the Word':

Adult says the word eg. "c-a-t".

Then child repeats, "c-a-t", and then says the word "cat".

Remember to have fun with these activities!

If your child is tired or reluctant then you should stop and leave this to a different time. Learning should be FUN!


I look forward to seeing you all in September.

Take care,

Mrs Colby