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This week we are going to do some work on conjunctions.

Conjunctions are joining words and the can be used to join words or sentences.

Conjunctions can be used at the beginning of a sentence with a comma in between sentences 

OR in between a sentences.

Conjunctions will make your writing more detailed, interesting and enjoyable to read yes that is why they are important and we are going to learn about them wink

Click on the BBC Bitesize icon to start your English Task.

Today you should watch the video and complete Activity 1 and 2.



enlightenedChallenge - write some of your own sentences using conjunctions,
they can be about anything want. Can you write a silly one?

There is an example below for you.



The ogre had worms for lunch because he ate all of the slugs at breakfast time.

The ogre continued to swallow bugs until his tummy ached.

Ogre's wash with mud despite it making them dirtier and smellier.




Today you will work on fractions.
First, click on the 'White Rose Maths' icon below to watch the video and then click below it for your activity on the BBC website. Complete activities 1 and 2, two can be completed in your busy book. Activity 3 is your enlightenedchallenge for today.

Watch the video lesson:

Summer Term - Week 7 (w/c 8th June)

Lesson 1 - Unit fractions







    We are going to go on a journey
             around the world! 

            What will we see?

First, we will start by exploring our city and finding out what is around us.

Do you remember how wonderful our city of Liverpool is?

We explored it on our bus tour. Do you remember?

So, Let’s look at our city - Liverpool...

Your task today is to do some research and find the anwers to these questions:


Which country is Liverpool in?

Draw the flag of the country
Can you find Liverpool on a map?

Draw the outline of the UK in your busy book and put Liverpool on your map
Can you name any other countries in the UK?

Make a list in your busy book
Can you find out what the capital city of England is?


Click on the robot to go to child-friendly encyclopedia to help you with this task

It has a search bar at the top, you could put your questions in there wink