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Good Morning Everybodylaugh.
We hope you all had a lovely, relaxing weekend. 
Today is Monday 27th April 2020.
Here are today's busy work activitiesyes.

Phonics Time
Can you say these sounds?

m   a   s   d   t   i   n   p 


Now, in your busy work books, practice writing the following letters:
Remember to use the rhymes to help you.
t - down the tower, across the tower.

w - down, up, down, up.

c - curl around the caterpillar.


mail Parents: Ask your child to write the following words in their busy work books.
Boys and girls, remember to use your 'Fred Fingers' to help you.


Words to write: rip, tag, flat, cut, shop.
As a challenge, your child could write a simple sentence: a red van.


Now let's play 'Dragons Den' yes.
The two dragons have got their eggs mixed up. The green dragon's eggs have real words on them, and the red dragon's eggs have alien words on them. Can you fix the problem?

PE Time
It's time for our weekly PE lesson. Let's start by shaking our sillies outlaugh.

Shake Your Sillies Out

Now, let's try some yoga. Follow the instructions to help retell the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

Maths Time
This week, during Maths Time, we are going to be learning all about shapes.
Today, we are looking at 2D shapes - a 2D shape is a flat shape.


First, let's play a 2D shape quiz. Click on the icon below to playwink.

Challenge: Can you remember the names of the 2D shapes below?



Now, it's time to go on a 2D shape hunt around your homelaugh

First, draw the table below in your busy books. Now it's time to be shape detectives..
Look all around your home, what shapes can you see? Each time you spot a shape, draw a line in the box next to the shape. 



After you have completed your shape hunt, count up the lines on your tally chartyes.
Which shape did you see the most?
Which shape did you see the least?

Story Time 
Today's story book is called 'Hide-a-saurus'. This story follows Triceratops as she tries to find all of her dinosaur friends in a game of hide-and-seek. Can you find all ten of the hidden dinosaurs? Click on the link below to read the storyblush.

You have done some fantastic busy work today, well doneyes.
Take care and stay safe.
Miss Dodgson and Mr Kirkbridelaugh.