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Taste-it Tuesday

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Show your child the picture cards below.

Can they remember 'Maisie and the Mountains' from yesterday?

Today we have 2 new pictures:    picture1:  "apple",    picture 2: "dinosaur"     

Initially it is important for children to recognise the picture that surrounds the letter shape.

Learning to name the picture and remembering the pictures will make it easier for children to remember all of the letters later.

Don't worry if children don't hear the sound at the start words, we simply want children to be able to say what they see and remember the name of the picture.

Later, before you turn off the computer, show your child the pictures again and ask them to name the pictures. They should say, "Maisie and the mountains", "apple", "dinosaur".

If they struggle or can't remember, tell them again and keep practising.

Mini Maths

Talk about each of the pictures below. What are the people doing?

Then count how many people you can see in each picture.

Remember to count carefully- touch each person and say the numbers precisely.

Which photograph has 2 people? 6 people? 4 people? 3 people?

Challenge- how many people are there altogether in all the pictures?

Today is 'Taste-it Tuesday'.

There is always a shop, cafe or ice-cream van near the beach so you could make an ice-cream sundae today. Ask your child to:

  • break a biscuit into small pieces and put into the bottom of a cup/ bowl
  • scoop some ice cream and put it on top
  • next, crush some biscuit to sprinkle on top
  • finally, add chocolate or strawberry sauce if you have it

You could also include slices of your favourite fruit or chocolate or sweets. 

WARNING- This is not very healthy but it's good to have a treat sometimes. Just be careful with the size!


Join in with the repetition in the story today:

Have a good day and enjoy your ice-cream!cheeky