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Thrilling Thursday

Good Morning! 

Today it is Thrilling Thursday!

How are you feeling today?


How are you? | Emotions song for children | English Through Music

We can feel happy when we do things together.

Today’s thrill is to draw around hands or feet with our children. It will be fun to see how different their small hands look on the paper compared to yours. You can involve all of the family to see the different sizes.

First take some paper and a pencil.

Place your child’s hand on the paper with fingers straight and apart.

Ask them to keep their hands still whilst you slowly draw around the hand. Show your child how you are holding your pencil. When it is finished, they can take their hand away and see what it looks like!

Are their hands big? Long? Wide? Straight? Bumpy?

Now, let your child draw around your hand. You can use the same paper using a different colour or you can use a separate piece of paper. Help your child to hold the pencils or crayon in the right way and let them draw carefully and firmly. When it is finished – have a look! How different are the sizes? Which is bigger? Which is smaller?


Next, you can do the same with others in your family! Who has the biggest hands? Who has the smallest?

You can do the same with everyone’s feet!

Or you can do hand prints if you have water-based paint. You can help your child to paint with good brush strokes and to put on an apron first.


There may be a lot of tidying up to do after so you can listen to this song first.

Tidy up time! song

What can you do with your hands? You can touch with your hands. Think about how things feel? You could find things which feel hard, soft, rough, smooth, bumpy, flat, hot, warm, prickly, cool, cold, wet, dry.

Mini Maths

Sorting and Matching Games

Today we’ve been looking at our hands. On our hands we have fingers. Fingers are long. Can you find 5 long objects and 5 short objects in your house?


Challenge Can you find 10 long objects? Put them in a row and count them – remember to use your finger to touch each one as you count;

1              2              3              4              5              6              7              8              9              10



Look in the house to find some things which are longer than your pointing finger.

How many things can you find?


Now it is time to look and listen to the story below with your child. After you have listened to the story, listen again. This time, you can pause the story few times and ask your child- Who is in the story? What has happened?  What your child can see? Do the animals like the dancing?


Grumpy Monkey Party Time (Read Aloud) | Storytime by Suzanne Lang

Monkey is invited to a party but he doesn't want to dance!

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Enjoy the rest of your day!