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Friday Morning 100 Club

Every Friday morning, our dedicated team of Year 5 and Year  6 authors drag themselves out of their cosy beds and meander their way to school with one aim in mind.....100 words! 100 words of quality writing!


We hope you enjoy reading our stories as much as we enjoyed writing them.



Laura finds her Mother

Overwrought but terrified, Laura hysterically packed her luggage. She decided to find her adoring mother the next sunrise. As she was sleeping calmly, she imagined finding her mother. In daylight she set off. To her surprise, she noticed matron didn’t see her. So Laura travelled on foot, and found her friend Alex. Suddenly, Shetty (who was hostile) spotted them and did everything to stop them. So she set off again, until she got to Alex and he helped Laura. Finally, they found Laura’s mother.

by Habeba 

Into the Future


There once was a boy who was called Michael. He had a rusty, broken, old pocket watch. One night whilst he was sleeping he woke up to a buzz. He found himself in the future. He looked at his pocket watch, which said 4007. He saw cyborgs. They could could change into anything they wanted. They had rocket powered skates for feet.There were teleportation tubes that led to other planets. Michael`s pocket watch started to buzz again. He saw a bright flash so he closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes and he found himself back in his room. To be continued...

By Jake and Ridwaan



The Sick Feeling

On a dark, winters day I was lying in bed thinking to myself. I was home alone. I got out of bed and hauled myself into the kitchen, I got out a bowl and poured in some repulsive, poisonous porridge. I tried to eat my breakfast but the eerie noises coming from my body horrified me. I tried to ring an ambulance but my body fell in shock. My blood ran cold. I tried to save myself but it was too late. Too late to even try. I felt as if I was about to die.


By Wael and Alaa


Mr Belger and Mr Keenan are very impressed with this! You were both able to arrive at school at 8am, go to the correct website and respond to the writing prompt. You then wrote 100 words, edited and improved, saved and posted your work! AMAZING!