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Good Morning Everybodylaugh.

Today is Wednesday 17th June 2020.

What is the weather like today?

We have got lots more fun busy work activities for you todayyes.

Phonics Time
If your child is confident recognising all of the set 1 sounds, and can read words such as ship, king, bat, and clap, without any support, then click on the set 2 sounds icon.
If you want to practice more phonics, you can now play 'Obb and Bob' blush.

Singing Time

Visit and click on the 'Music at Home- Encore' section to sing lots of the songs we have learnt so far this year. Your log in details are included in your home learning packs. 

If you haven't got your log in details, you could practice singing one of the nursery rhymes belowyes.

Beautiful Singing Receptionheart.
Maths Time
Let's start today's Maths activity, by singing our 'Months of the Year' songlaugh.

Super Singing!   Today, at Maths Time, we are going to learn how to tell half past timeslaugh

mail When the minute hand (the big hand) is pointing to 6, we call this time half past.
On this clock, the hour hand (the small hand) is pointing between the 11 and the 12, and the minute hand is pointing to the 6. So, the clock below is showing the time half past 11.


Challenge Time
Tell a grown up what time it is, on the clocks you can see belowwink.
Top Tip: To help you tell the time, look at what number the hour hand has just past. 

Spectacular Mathslaugh.
Now, click on the link below to play some time games, enjoy!

Story Time

Today's story is called 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt.' Have you ever wanted to go on a bear huntsurprise? This family did.. they wen through wavy grass and squelchy mud but will they find a bear? To listen to this fantastic story click on the video belowlaugh.

Well Done Receptionlaugh.

Don't forget, you can email us with any questions you might have.

Miss Dodgson & Mr Kirkbride