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Taste-it Tuesday

smileyGood morning, everyone. I hope you are all ok and children enjoy today's activities.

Let's start today with a few songs :

Row Row Row Your Boat with Lyrics

I'm A Little Teapot (with lyrics)


Today is Taste- it Tuesday, when children would normally help to make their own snack before they eat it in Nursery.

It would be great if Taste-it Tuesday could continue whilst children are at home.

Linking to our boat making yesterday, it would be good if children could make 'banana boats' today, if you have a banana. You could do this a number of ways:

  • children could cut a banana in half and then slice down the middle to make 2 long, thin boat shapes
  • children could slice a banana into small circles making a number of circle boats.

Banana pieces could then be decorated with a sweet/ chocolate chip/button and put on a custard 'lake' in a bowl.

Tip: Pour the correct amount of custard or cream into a cup first and allow children to pour in a bowl.


It doesn't matter if you don't have these ingredients at home, please allow children to help you in some way when you are making breakfast, lunch or tea. This will continue to develop children's physical skills and boost confidence, as well as making children feel good about 'helping' you.  

Language and Literacy

Today our lesson is based in the bathroom. Collect a selection of 5 objects from your bathroom and name them. You might choose : toothbrush, shampoo, toilet roll, towel, sponge, flannel, toothpaste, soap.


  • Name and talk about each item, one at a time, discussing how it feels/ smells/ size/ colour/ how you use it in the bathroom.
  • After you have finished exploring and talking, place all the items on a flat, clear surface and cover them with a cloth.
  • Tell your child to close their eyes and whilst eyes are closed, carefully remove one item without your child seeing.
  • Next, children open their eyes and you remove the cloth.
  • Can your child identify the missing item?

Make it a bit easier- If not, give them a clue. If still struggling, show them and repeat the game. use only 3 or 4 items.

Challenge- Use more than 5 items. Swap roles and ask children to describe missing items to you so that you can guess which item is missing.


When you have finished with your items, ask the children to help you to tidy up.

You could ask them to sing our tidy up song from Nursery; 'In our school, we like to play.....'.

When children are in the bathroom, check they know the names of the furniture - bath, sink, toilet, tap.

Mini Maths

At bath-time today: put plastic cups and any empty plastic bottles/ lids you may have in the bath.

children love filling and emptying containers. Whilst your child is playing with the cups, you will use lots of maths language without realising: full, empty, half full, more, less, a bit more, all gone, etc.. 

 Have fun and I hope you don't get too wet.smiley




10 Little Rubber Ducks Book by Eric Carle