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Today, you have questions to answer, in your busy book, about the story so far.

Your questions are on page 9 - click on the magical box.

You should read the story again to help you find the answers and if you get stuck go back and look through the text again, you will find all of the answers there. wink





Remember that you should answer questions in full sentences.


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Read something every day smiley


Click on the 'White Rose Maths' icon below. Today you will be working with measures. First, watch the video lesson then complete the activity in your busy book.



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PSHE - Jigsaw


This is Jonty Jigsaw and he will be helping 

with some of your learning at home.

You will need a grownup or an older sibling
to help you with this task today.


Click on Jonty then listen to the story.
Then there are some questions to answer together. 


This is a talking task so you do not have to write your answers down.

After that, draw a pair of wings, like Fowley’s and draw or write your dreams and goals on them. They can be dreams and goals for the next day, week, month or year or goals for further into your future e.g. a job or place like you would like to go.


What do you need to do to achieve this dream or goal?
Remember all of the learning we did in class about dreams and goals, and think back to 2C's assembly to help you.




Click on the orange icon below and choose Dance, Health, fitness and well-being or Movement skills then watch the clips and get exercising.







Zumba fitness - Blinding lights - The Weeknd