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Wiggle Wednesday

Good morning everyonesmiley


There are 2 more picture cards to learn today:

                           robot                              worm

We have looked at lots of the picture cards. There are 14 cards in the clip below. Challenge: Can you name 10 or 12 or ALL of them?

Mini Maths

Ask your child to tell you the numbers on the dogs bones.

Next, use pasta pieces as bones and ask your child to give each dog the correct number of 'bones'.

It's Wiggle Wednesday!

Movement is good fun, helps health and well-being and develops strong muscles and co-ordination.

When children move their whole bodies, they are also supporting development of their wrist and fingers, which increases control of small movements including pencil control.

Have fun!

My Pet My Buddy


Just Dance Kids Who Let The Dogs Out

Storytime: Click on the links below to re-read 'Hairy Maclary' or 'Pete the Cat' and his white shoes, from earlier this week.