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Your task today is to use all of your knowledge of conjunctions to choose your own audience and write your own set of instructions for them. (it can be a pretend audience)


It can be about anything that you have done since school had been closed like helping to cook dinner for your family or you could even try creating some fantasy instructions
like how to build the ultimate cave for a cave-dwelling troll.


Think back to instructions you have written in class like capturing a dragon,
making tea and using rocket shoes, this will help you but DON'T FORGET your conjunctions. 

Today, conjunctions are the most important part of your writing.


enlightenedConjuction challenge - click twinkl enlightened

There are brilliant conjunction games on the TurtleDiary website. Click below.



enlightenedChallenge Friday enlightened

Click below to get your maths challenges and don't forget to use TT Rockstars,
My Maths, Education City and Espresso too. 

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Log in to Yumu and continue to learn, practise and have fun with the music activities and songs that we have made available to you.


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Happy Singing & Music Making!



You can also use the BBC website for your music learning by clicking the
BBC Bitesize icon below.




enlightenedChallenge - learn the lyrics to your favourite song.  

The lyrics are the words.