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You are going to be the author of a biography. We will begin the writing process with some research and planning.


Biography is a genre or type of writing. It's purpose or job is to inform it's audience. A biography gives information about a person's life.



Have a little look at the example texts above. You will see that biographies most often include:


  • A title, sometimes subheading too
  • A photograph or illustration of the person
  • An introduction
  • Key event or people in their life
  • A description of their achievements or talents
  • A description of their personality
  • The ways this person is or will be remembered and honoured

Today, you should think of a famous person that you like and want to learn more about. The person can be a significant person from the past or someone who is alive today, it could even be your favourite pop star.

Find your favourite images or photographs of this person.

Do some research - use the internet to find out more about them.

Make notes in your busy book of all the things you learn, use the bullet points above to make sure you find out everything that you need to so that you are ready to create your biography tomorrow.



Today you will work on 10 times tables.
First, click on the 'White Rose Maths' icon below. Watch the video lesson:

Summer Term - Week 6 (w/c 1st June)

Lesson 1 - The 10 times-table

Then, click on the BBC icon and watch the short video clip, read the information and then complete activity one in your busy book.

After that, for more challenge, log in to TT Rockstars. if you wish

Email your teachers if you need login information: 







Everybody is different and special in their own ways. We all have our own strengths,
beauties, and talents.

Sometimes we might forget how wonderful we are, it is important that you know and remember that you are special and wonderful and unique just because you are you.

When you feel good about yourself you have the confidence to try new things, you are more likely to feel happy, to do your best with everything, to solve problems, to be the best you can be and deal with things better in school, at home and even with your friends.
So. today you are going to spend some time writing and drawing about all
of the amazing things about you.



Look at the PowerPoint below and then complete the activity sheet that is all
about you and your wonderfulness.

Click on the rainbow worksheet image. You can do this in your busy book, you can use notes, sentences, pictures - whatever you choose to show yourself in all of your glory.

enlightenedchallenge - add at least one more fabulous thing about yourself to your work.