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Make-it Monday

Good morning everyone smiley 

We are going to do lots of activities about pet rabbits today.

As it is 'Make-it Monday', here are a few ideas for art and craft activities about rabbits. 

You could make a rabbit hat or mask:

How to Draw a Rabbit

Mini Maths

Look at the pet rabbits in the pictures below.

  • How many can you see in each picture?
  • Which photo has the most rabbits?
  • Which photo has the least rabbits?
  • If you count ALL the rabbits in ALL the photo's, how many are there?
Challenge- How many ears?  

Phonics- Let's play, 'Fred Talk/ Say the Word.'

My rabbit likes to eat a 'c-a-r-o-t'. Child says, 'c-a-r-o-t________carrot'. 

My rabbits sleeps on 'h-a-y'. Child says, 'h-a-y ________hay'.

My rabbit drinks 'w-u-t-e'. Child says, 'w-u-t-e ________water'.

My rabbit plays with a 'b-u-l'. Child says, 'b-u-l ________ball'.


There are 2 new picture cards to learn today:

               exercise                                 queen

White Rabbit's Color Book

Have a good day! yes