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Thrilling Thursday

laughGood morning and hurray for Thrilling Thursday!

Today you are going see lots of animals as you visit a pet shop on your screen. Talk about the animals you see. Can you name them?

Challenge- watch again later and see if you can remember all of the animal names.

Visiting the Pet Shop

Lets watch as a 4 year old girl and baby boy visit a pet shop with their Mum and their 2 pet dogs.

When the virus has gone away, your family might like to go to a pet shop.

You can even buy food (20p) to feed the fish at the Fisheries Pet Shop.


Phonics: Let's play a game of 'Fred talk- Say the word'.

The naughty cat has made a mess in the bedroom. Can you help to tidy? Point to the things in the picture below.

Adult says, "d-o-l". Child says, "d-o-l......................doll".

Adult says, "f-i-sh". Child says, "".

Adult says, "s-o-k". Child says, "s-o-k......................sock".

Adult says, "b-u-l". Child says, "b-u-l......................ball".

There are 2 more picture cards to learn today:

         jack in a box                                 zip

Mini Maths

Earlier in the week, you were introduced to 'Count Back Cat'.

Repetition is a great way to learn so here she is again today.

Encourage children to join in with her as she sings/chants the number names in order, 10 down to 1, and 1 up to 10:


Count Back from 10 with the Count Back Cat!


enlightenedThink an idea for a story about a cat or a dog who goes on an adventure.

Where does he go? to the park? the beach? the shops?...a party?

What does he do when he gets there?

Is there a problem? If so, how does he fix it?

What is his name?

Challenge: draw a picture of your story to help you to remember it!

Enjoy your day smiley