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Make-it Monday

Good morning, everybodysmiley.

This week, in our topic of 'Homes', we are going to have lots of fun activities in the bathroom.


Today is Make-it-Monday. My idea for today is for you to try to make a boat you could float in the bath.

Try using a plastic box, margarine tub or maybe a lid of a jar. Anything that will sit on top of the water to float. You could decorate it to make it look more like a boat by attaching a straw mast or used matchstick.


Experiment/ Boat play: does your boat float in the bath? what happens if water gets inside the boat?

Is your boat strong enough to hold a small toy man/ animal? If you put a heavier toy in your boat, what would happen?


Language and Literacy

Sing along to this weeks 'rhyme of the week':

Row Row Row Your Boat with Lyrics



Game 1:

Play 'I spy..' game when you finish watching the rhyme.For example:

Adult says: "In the stream, I can see a b-oa-t".

You may need to repeat 'b-oa-t' a number of times- almost blending the sounds together to say the word until the child says "boat".

Repeat the I spy game with some other words- "d-u-ck",  "b-oy",  "g-ir-l", or "m-on-key".


Make it a bit easier- If you feel your child has had enough after 1 or 2 words, please stop.

Challenge - can your child try to segment/ chunk a word to spell it for you. eg. one of the words above.



Mini Maths

Game 2:

Watch the 'Row, row, row your boat' rhyme again. This time, get ready to do some counting.

Pause the clip at points throughout the song so that children can see a fixed/still picture.

Ask children to count, saying: "How many can (ducks/ children/ monkeys) can you see?"

Remember to say number names in order and touch each picture on the screen, 1 at a time. 


Challenge- count how many ducks and children you can see together? (counting 2 groups together)

                   or find the numeral in your pack or write the correct number in your busy book.



Today's story has lots of rhyme which may be tricky for some children to understand and follow the story.

To make it a bit easier, please stop the clip at intervals to pause and talk about what is happening to the boat as each animal gets in.

The story may also be improved if an adult or older sibling reads the story aloud with the sound muted/ switched off.  

Who Sank The Boat by Pamela Allen